The network has unconfirmed information about the plans of the German airline

Moderator of the group for tourism specialists “Travel Presidium” Maxim Pashkov shared his opinion on the new opportunities that the pandemic has opened: our country can become a center for “vaccine tourism”.

When in one of the interviews the director of Intourist Viktor Topolkaraev said that it is possible to organize “vaccine” tours for foreigners, some colleagues, in particular Sergei Voitovich from “Your tour”, were skeptical about this idea. But, as it turned out, the head of Intourist was not so far from the truth. German airline Lufthansa is credited with plans to launch such flights to immunize wealthy Germans in Russia.

According to the publication bne IntelliNewsDespite the massive purchase of the American Phizer vaccine and the British AstraZeneca, the doses are still not enough, so now the Germans are forced to sign up for vaccinations in 2022. The Germans don’t want to wait that long. Moreover, Phizer deliveries are constantly being disrupted, so no one guarantees even these terms, and AstraZeneca turned out to be useless for people over 65, which caused a fair amount of skepticism in Germany. Therefore, after the authoritative medical journal The Lancet recognized the Russian vaccine Sputnik V as one of the safest and most effective and there was a whole series of laudatory articles about it in the German media, the Germans became big fans of it and are ready to pay decent money to receive it.

At first, Lufthansa allegedly plans to operate direct flights from Frankfurt to Moscow twice a week, where a first class Corona Lounge will be created at Domodedovo airport, isolated from the rest of the airport, for vaccinations and a two-hour recovery. Then the return flight awaits tourists. Now the main problem is obtaining transit visas, about which the airline, according to the source, is negotiating with the Russian foreign affairs agencies. The cost of such a “vaccine tour”, which includes two round trips from Germany to Russia, will be 1000 euros, plus 10 dollars for one of the two injections with “Sputnik V”, which is a mere penny. If things go well, the next step is to organize “vaccine tours” to Russia from Switzerland (Zurich) and Austria (Vienna), where the German aviation concern owns local carriers. Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines, respectively. However, the airline itself denied this information, stating that it had no plans to organize such flights.

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However, theoretically, nothing prevents Russia from formulating such a proposal in the field of vaccine tourism, especially since competitors are not asleep. The third phase of trials of the Cuban Soberana vaccine will be launched on March 1. If successful, the authorities in Havana are planning to lure tourists to get vaccinated by promising them “an irresistible cocktail of sun, sand and vaccine.” And the British Knightsbridge Circle Travel & Lifestyle Service, with annual contributions of £ 25,000, has offered its clients a vacation in Dubai with the possibility of being vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. And it has already received over 2000 applications.


Nevertheless, Russia still has the greatest chances of becoming the most popular destination for “vaccine tourism” in the world. That, according to foreign experts, can raise it as a tourist center to an unprecedented height. Do you agree with this forecast? You can take part in the discussion of the topic in the “Travel Presidium” group.

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