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From March 8, the popular tourist country – Tunisia will reduce the duration of mandatory quarantine on arrival for guests from abroad. It will be necessary to stay in self-isolation not for a week, as before, but for only two days. A number of restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic are also eased. However, the main obstacle for mass organized tourism from Russia has not yet been overcome, because between our states there is still no agreement on the mutual resumption of air traffic. How much will it cost to fly from Moscow to Tunisia with connecting flights – you will learn from the article.


Our other material is devoted to the most massive outbound destination – Turkey. Not so long ago, the authorities of this country conditionally delimited it into four zones according to the degree of coronavirus infection and the current covid restrictions. We explain what measures will have to be followed by vacationers in popular tourist regions – Antalya, Belek, Izmir and Istanbul.


Meanwhile, the authorities of another tourist destination to which direct flights from our country are allowed – the Maldives, are considering the possibility of allowing foreign guests who have been vaccinated against COVID without PCR tests. By the way, thanks to the successful start of the vaccination campaign among the population of the Maldives themselves in this island state, there is a more optimistic forecast for the number of travelers from abroad expected this year.


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