In February, the third phase of the program to stimulate affordable domestic tourist travel starts. Few are indifferent to this topic. knows this, so on February 15 from 13:00 to 18:00 an online conference will be held on the company’s platform Cashback in Russia | 2021organized with the official support of Rostourism.

Competent experts will gather at the conference site to discuss topical issues and useful cases.

What awaits the participants of the event:

  • 5 hours of concentrated information about the program from specialists of Rostourism and major tour operators;
  • the opportunity to ask questions of interest and immediately receive expert answers to them;
  • a chance to be the first to keep up to date with the most important tourism news.

Online conference agenda:

  • conditions for participation in the third stage of the cashback project;
  • information on how a travel agency can earn more;
  • analysis of travel products suitable for the program.

You can watch the program here.


  • Zarina Doguzova, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism);
  • Evgeny Danilovich, Director for Strategic Development and Investments,;
  • tour operators ANEX Tour, “ALEAN”, “TUI Russia”, “Intourist”, “Tari Tour”. are waiting for professionals in the field of tourism at their event. Free registration is available via the link now.

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