Travel News Digest Wednesday 24 February

Pleasing news marked “lightning” came from Georgia: from March 1, the country is ready to receive guests from Russia. Now everyone who wants to eat tasty food and drink well can fly to Georgia by plane, stocked up with a negative PCR test. But it is unlikely that there will be many gourmets.

“You can’t get to Georgia from Russia by rail. Upper Lars is closed for Russian tourists. Direct flights from Russia do not fly.


So-so “news-lightning”: come, godfather, when I’m dumb at home “, – a regular reader of the” Roof of TurDoma “channel Aleksan Mkrtchyan (” The Pink Elephant “) sneers in the comments.

And you can’t argue! There are really no direct flights from Russia, and connecting tickets are not cheap. And yet we will guide you on prices: what if you decide to fly!


Another “lightning” came from Turkey today. Turkish Airlines warned that until March 31, entry into the country is only possible if there is a negative PCR test. And although, according to travel agents, no one checks them at the border control, there is a rule: they simply will not be allowed on the plane without a piece of paper.


However, this requirement does not prevent Russian tourists from leading in terms of the number of arrivals to Turkey: here you can see the statistics for January and find out who is in what place.


Meanwhile, Europe is arguing over how safe it is to admit vaccinated tourists. Judging by what the top officials of the European Commission say, there is no consensus, which means that Europe will remain closed for us for the time being.

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Similar throwing continues in Thailand: they are calling to abandon quarantine for vaccinated tourists.


Before moving on to the news on domestic tourism, a few words about the Maldives. Novosibirsk Rospotrebnadzor discovered that Russian tourists had brought dengue fever from there. Insurers are surprised: this has never happened.


Group Aeroflot reported on the results of January. As they say, it could be better, but what to do – a pandemic. Compared to the general background, the results of the airline look very good “Victory” – she managed to achieve an increase in passenger traffic in January. And after that someone else scolds the low-cost airline?


Readers of telegram channels dedicated to prices for tours and tickets caught an error on the site Russian Railways: A seat on the Sapsan train from Moscow to St. Petersburg for March was sold for some 380 rubles! We were less fortunate – we haven’t found such prices, but we did for you an overview of the available minimum tariffs and special offers of Russian Railways in this direction.


Did you manage to buy an unrealistically cheap tour, air or railway ticket? Write in the comments, we will discuss.

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