A number of representatives of the tourist business of the Krasnodar Territory spoke in favor of excluding the region from the third stage of the Tourist Cashback program. In their opinion, if this is not done, then prices will rise, hotels will be aimed at direct sales, and interest from tourists will decrease in the long term.

As told by Profi.Travel Deputy Director General of the tour operator “Rosyugkurort” Valery Sychev On February 8, in Sochi in March and April, the workload is already good, and taking into account the closed borders and fluctuations in exchange rates, this year it will be even higher. Some properties have already announced stop-sales for February, and a similar situation is expected in March.

“The third stage of the cashback promotion in such conditions will only lead to a shortage of seats and an increase in prices up to 4 times: from 300 to 1200 rubles per person in a 3 * hotel. If in November the stock supported the falling market and spurred direct sales in hotels, now it may have a negative impact on the industry. For Sochi, the image of an expensive resort can be entrenched, on the beaches of which it is uncomfortable to relax because of the crowds of tourists. As a result, the number of returning guests will decrease, and in 2022 hoteliers will have to sell places cheaper at growing costs, ”Sychev said.

General Director of Travelline Alexander Galochkin confirms the increased demand for the Russian Black Sea coast. According to his forecast, it will only grow, which will really provoke a shortage of places in popular resorts during the peak months, as well as stimulate hotels to develop direct sales. The expert explained this by the fact that the borders are still half-closed, vaccination around the world will last at least a year, and the issue of recognizing the Russian vaccine abroad lies in the political plane and the outcome is not yet fully known.

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“Judging by the increase in the share of OTA sales, all their advertising budgets have been reoriented to domestic markets and no one will regret their“ patrons ”there. Therefore, hotels have no choice but to maximize the volume of direct sales and minimize the remaining channels, opening them only at the last moment. But judging by the demand, there will most likely not be a last minute regime this summer, ”Galochkin explained.

Krasnodar hoteliers do not agree with this position. According to Alexey Vysokanov, general director of the Atelika hotel chain, the region with access to the sea will never lack tourists. He also called the rise in prices 4 times exaggerated. “The action will end by June 20, i.e. before the start of the high season. Therefore, I do not think that it will cause a shortage of seats, and a significant rise in price. The only problem, in my opinion, is that the third stage is being launched too late – this should have been done last year. Those tourists who have already booked their vacation can now try to cancel it, ”Vysokanov said.

General Director of the sanatorium “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov recalled that the Russian south has a pronounced seasonality, which is why Sochi is overloaded in summer, and in the rest of the months it is sold at the lowest prices in the country.

“In Soviet times, this was solved through subsidies and free vouchers. Now we need to develop new mechanisms and tourist cashback – just a good example of such a mechanism. The high demand provokes only small hotels and uneducated managers who do not understand the benefits of cooperation with tour operators and travel agents for direct sales. In addition, the terms of the promotion increase the interest in organized tourism – you must agree that it is more profitable for the client to get cashback not only for the hotel, but also for the tickets, ”Bogdanov emphasized.

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Recall by preliminary information, there will be no restrictions on the participation of certain regions in the third stage of the cashback, travel products purchased before the end of June will participate in the promotion. A source familiar with the situation confirmed to Profi.Travel that with a high degree of probability the south of Russia will participate in the action – now this option is considered as the main one.

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