The social event of the tour operator revealed the expectations before the season: I want “where the warmth and the sea are”

MaskRad tour operator TEZ TOUR took place on March 18 at the Mir concert hall in Moscow and became one of the most notable tourist events in March. A prerequisite for participation was the presence of a mask. But not in the sense that is boring today, but in a carnival one.

Activities for tourism professionals leave behind a wide variety of experiences. This is a cross between the pure joy of a child who was finally given a puppy, the feeling of the Phoenix bird, rising from the ashes of the coronavirus for the hundredth time in a year, and the surprise of a sailor, the only survivor of a shipwreck, but who found himself on a desert island.


At the TEZ TOUR MaskRada, at first, the guests seemed to be a little shy: you so carefully touch the water in the sea with your foot before the first swim of the season to make sure that it is good enough. Obviously, the habit of social events has been lost to some extent over the past year.


And now, even before the concert hall in the center of Moscow, not everyone has reached: the ministers of tourism of Greece (Haris Theocharis) and Cyprus (Savvas Perdios) were able to convey only virtual greetings to those present by recording video messages. Cyprus has delighted plans to receive Russian tourists from April 1 and, according to the minister, is preparing to welcome the guests “with special anticipation.” “It’s great to have the opportunity to travel with us again. I wish you successful sales and prosperity in your business. This summer is the time for you, for us and for tourism to return everything to square one. Thank you TEZ TOUR Cyprus. We are with you! ” – Mr. Perdios addressed the audience from the screen. And Greece recalled plans to open the country to our compatriots from May 14. “I want to say to all Russians who are planning their vacation this summer: all you need is Greece! – assured Mr. Theocharis. “And I am confident that TEZ TOUR, with its many years of experience and good knowledge of our market, will become a valuable assistant to Greek tourism and an ideal partner for organizing trips to our clear seas and dazzling Greek sun.”

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Those present together wished each other good sales, full boards, a speedy meeting with the Mediterranean sun and other general travel joys.


There were a lot of guests at the holiday! On the positive wave of encouraging speeches and dreams of warm shores, the initial shyness quickly disappeared. Smiles appeared on the faces covered with carnival masks. The success in the difficult task of returning to the usual life was immediately consolidated with the traditional Greek dance sirtaki.


The cheerful dances continued to the singing of the “Prime Minister” group, whose hits everyone knows by heart, and the incomparable Polina Gagarina, the entrance to the stage of which the audience waited with bated breath. By the way, the audience’s favorite loves Greece and trusts only TEZ TOUR to organize her holidays.


Among the guests of honor at the party were the Consul General of the Hellenic Republic Nikolaos Krikos, Defense Attaché of the Greek Embassy in Moscow Panagiotis Dimopoulos and director of the representative office of the Greek National Tourism Organization in the Russian Federation and the CIS Polykarpos Efstatiu, as well as representatives of the ministries of tourism and tourism offices of different countries.


In addition, the guests of MaskRad were warmly greeted by the CEO of TEZ TOUR Russia Voskan Arzumanov and the Managing Director of TEZ TOUR Greece Dimitris Haritidis

The hotel chain became the general partner of the party Aldemar Resorts, and the partners were the Greek National Tourism Organization, the airline Aegean Airlines and the Cyprus Tourism Organization.

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The remark of the presenter during one of the competitions became very symbolic. “Please do not interfere with airplanes flying!” – sounded over the hall. Contestants had to fold a paper airplane, stylize it like the Aegean Airlines livery and launch it as far as possible, so spectators were asked to spread out and not stand under an impromptu “glide path”.


But against the background of events developing over the past year, the apt remark acquired a much more philosophical meaning. It seems that the maximum desires of the tourism industry are now concentrated precisely at this point: “Just don’t stop the planes from flying, please, and then we will somehow already”.


“We are ready to fly anywhere. With such a situation in the world, it doesn’t matter what direction, regular season or charter program, ”he confirmed to our correspondent Voskan Arzumanov

Lively communication fell silent only during the official speeches and performances of the artists, all those present missed personal meetings and were happy to see their colleagues and partners outside of online conferences.

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