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The authorities of Thailand, one of the most popular countries among travelers, have finally decided on the rules of entry. The mechanism for issuing long-term tourist visas to foreign guests has been approved, and an operator has been appointed to process applications from applicants. In our review, we talk in detail about the difficult procedure that those who intend to go to Thai resorts have to go through. Note that it is not only difficult, but also expensive – visa processing, including the obligatory services of an intermediary, will cost 12 thousand baht – about 378 dollars. In addition, it is still not clear whether the Russians will be able to take advantage of the offer. The quota for the entry of foreigners is still only 300 people a week.


News from the most popular summer tourist destination – Turkish. It was assumed that this year the high season there will last almost until December, because due to the coronavirus pandemic, resorts began to receive tourists with a delay. However, some hotels decided to close the work ahead of schedule. Which hotels will close their doors for guests in October and what is the reason – you will find out from our publication.


Meanwhile, our compatriots are not averse to resting in Turkey in the autumn months. Despite tightening the rules Rospotrebnadzor, according to which, upon returning to Russia, self-isolation is now mandatory until the result of the PCR test, as well as recommendations to observe quarantine measures in our country due to the increase in the number of infected. In any case, there is no talk of mass refusals of booked tours yet. Read more about the assessment of the situation by representatives of travel agency networks – in our material.

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To other topics. Just the day before, we talked about the hours-long queues for passing COVID-19 tests at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport. Now signals are being received from Sheremetyevo about the same problem. A useful life hack – how you can speed up the process – you will find in the article.


And in the border opening calendar, we tell you what are the prospects for lifting the current quarantine restrictions and starting the admission of foreign tourists in Saudi Arabia, Japan, the Philippines, Uganda and Cuba.


It is also interesting to read: It was proposed to extend the measures of state support for the tourist business affected by the pandemic – comment of a lawyer. Why does Moscow need the “Map of Innovative Solutions” and what is the interest of travel companies on it. You can fly from Moscow to Sochi for 1250 rubles, but only for those who are ready to travel light.

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