Russian tourists have already started booking rooms in hotels with an alternative state local quarantine (ASLQ) in Pattaya – this is a prerequisite for entering the country. However, their trips to Thailand cannot yet take place due to the fact that the Thai authorities at the last moment issued a decree on compulsory quarantine at ASLQ in Bangkok, according to the Thai edition of the Bangkok Post.

According to European and Russian consulates, the Covid-19 Management Center (CCSA) has completely blocked Pattaya’s ASLQs, which is why a large number of foreign tourists who have quarantined hotels in Pattaya for 14 days.

The problem has arisen around the Special Tourist Visa (STV), a visa formality that allows foreign nationals to enter Thailand.

One of the prerequisites for entry on this visa is a two-week quarantine stay at ASLQ hotels. Such facilities have been certified in Bangkok and a number of tourist provinces, including Pattaya and Phuket. However, the CCSA blocked the launch of ASLQ in all provinces outside of Bangkok.

So, in Pattaya, 13 hotels applied for participation in the quarantine program. Only three objects have passed certification, however, tourists will not be able to get into them either.

Meanwhile, Thailand has begun to gradually open up to foreign tourists. On October 20, the first charter arrived in the country with Chinese tourists entering the country under the STV program. In total, there were 41 people on board – all of them will undergo a two-week quarantine in Bangkok. In the near future, another charter flight is expected to arrive from China to Phuket. In addition, a flight from Denmark is expected to arrive in early November.

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At the same time, calls are increasingly heard in the tourism industry in Thailand to open borders for countries with a low level of coronavirus spread without any additional conditions.

“If Thailand does not open as soon as possible, not only tourism, but also all related industries will be in a severe crisis, and the longer we delay the opening, the more risks that the economy will not recover,” said Bill Heinecke, founder of Minor Hotels holding in an interview with The Thaiger. – In the spring of 2020, I myself turned to the government of the country with a request to close the borders as soon as possible. But a lot of time has passed since then. Thailand has done a great job with the coronavirus and now is the time to work out ways to safely open its borders, especially with China. After all, even those countries that have suffered much more from the coronavirus are now opening up again to tourists, and their economies are starting to recover dynamically. “

In addition, Heinecke was critical of the mandatory 14-day quarantine when entering Thailand from countries with low levels of coronavirus.

“We need to abandon quarantine and switch to a system of double tests: when boarding the plane and upon arrival. Some of our hotels participate in the ASLQ program and accept tourists in quarantine. For the entire duration of the program, we have recorded only three positive cases on secondary tests. But at the same time, we keep thousands of guests in quarantine. At the same time, the vast majority of imported cases of coronavirus were recorded in Thai nationals who arrived on export flights, when testing is not mandatory when boarding, “said Bill Heinecke.

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