The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Thailand has come up with a proposal to reduce the mandatory quarantine period for tourists from 14 to 10 days. A relevant note will soon be sent to the Covid-19 Situation Center (CCSA), the Bangkok Post reported.

Head of Ministry Kiattiphum Wongrajit said on Wednesday 7 October that the second wave of Covid-19 in Thailand will not be as severe as the first, thanks to the comprehensive preventive measures that have been implemented in the country. Even in the event of more serious consequences of the second wave, the authorities will be able to control the situation with the spread of the disease.

According to the ministry, in the worst-case scenario, the first case of infection will spread to 100-200 people, and this will lead to an exponential explosive growth of infections. Such a course of events is considered unlikely, in the case of maintaining a strict mask regime, hygiene rules and a safe distance.

Regarding the government’s Special Tourist Visa (STV) scheme, the ministry has allocated an additional 12 quarantine sites for tourists in four provinces: Phuket, Surat Thani, Buri Ram and Chonburi, as well as 84 alternative government quarantine sites in preparation for the country’s reopening.

In addition, there are about 2,000 Covid-19 patient beds available across the country, and there are enough drugs and medical equipment for treatment. Also, local production of the drug for influenza Favipiravir has been established, which can reduce symptoms in patients with coronavirus.

At the end of September, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports made a proposal to reduce the quarantine period for those entering Thailand to 7 days, however, the proposal of the relevant department is likely to have more weight in the decision.

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Nevertheless, the final point in the question of the duration of the quarantine can be set after evaluating the experience of the first groups of tourists. Recall that at the end of September, 150 Chinese citizens from Guangzhou province arrived in Phuket, where not a single new case of coronavirus was recorded in the past few months.

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