The second stage of the sale of tours with cashback this year (the fourth since the launch of the Rostourism program) starts on October 1 and will last until December. On June 2, in an interview with the NTV television channel, this was announced by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova. During the specified period, it will be possible to go on a trip, and the exact date of the start of sales will be announced later. However, it is already known that it will be possible to book a vacation pretty soon. “We will provide the opportunity to purchase such tours this summer,” Doguzova promised.

Business reacted to this news with enthusiasm: according to industry participants, it is precisely the tight timing of the preparation and the very conduct of the campaign that does not allow sales to reach the maximum level.

The head of the Federal Agency for Tourism added: as expected, the program will become annual and will run until 2024. Each year, 5 billion rubles will be allocated for it. The timing of its implementation will be adjusted in such a way as to stimulate trips in the off-season. “We would like to spread the wings of the season and diversify the product itself, attracting new regions to participate. The promotion should work to support the low season. Cashback is, among other things, a measure of incentives for businesses to hire staff for a longer period – from six months to 7-8 months, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of the service, ”Doguzova noted. Note that the main task of the action in the first two years is to help the market recover from the crisis.

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According to the head of the department, this goal will be achieved this year: in 2020th resort destinations recovered by 85% from the level of 2019, according to the results 2021, according to forecasts, they will exceed the indicators of the pre-crisis period by 15-20%. Last spring, 700 thousand Russians used cashback (over the entire period – 1.5 million people). And the dynamics of children’s cashback in 2-2.5 times higher than usual – 43 thousand vouchers to camps worth 1.3 billion rubles were bought in a week.

Rosturizm actively monitors cases of overpricing by hotels as a product. participating in the action, and in general. Not so long ago, the department turned to business with an open letter, where it indicated that any attempts at unfair competition would be suppressed and hotels would bear administrative responsibility for this. In addition, a feedback form has been launched, information from which is sent to the hotel, FAS and Rospotrebnadzor.

“There were facts of overstatement. But so far we have not had a single case when business did not adjust prices at our request, ”Doguzova noted.

Commenting on the spring increase in prices for vacations, she noted that in the south of Russia there are only 200 thousand classified rooms, where no more than 7 million people can rest a year, while in total Russian resorts receive about 25 million people. Now, against the background of the closure of Turkey and the cashback program, the demand has grown exponentially, and the supply simply cannot match it.

Doguzova added that Rosturizm has prepared a bill on the mandatory classification of guest houses, which should add to the official list of facilities. According to the agency, about 150 thousand numbers work semi-legally throughout Russia. The draft law will be approved in the next two weeks and submitted to the State Duma for consideration. If the law is passed this year, its implementation will begin next year, including a transitional period. In exchange for coming out of the shadows, businesses will be able to apply for grants and other government support measures, as well as participate in the cashback program.

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