Digest of current tourism news for Thursday, October 1

Perhaps the main news item on Thursday: Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin moved from requests to business and ordered the capital’s employers to transfer at least 30% of employees to remote work. In the tourist business, for a long time, many have been stirring borscht in the kitchen with one hand, and with the other they manage to respond to emails or messages in Vatsap from colleagues, tourists and partners. So remote work is a common thing. Professionals are confused by the uncertainty and the mysterious phrase of the mayor: “I hope that more difficult decisions will not have to be made.” It’s easy to guess what is going on in the minds of potential customers: many are afraid to go far from home, fearing a new quarantine.


And how can tourism be developed here? Meanwhile, the government has big plans. Premier Mikhail Mishustin On October 1, I agreed on the rules for the second stage of the cashback program for holidays in Russia. The promotion will begin this month, but contrary to offers Rostourism it was decided not to raise the maximum amount of payments to tourists to 50 thousand rubles. We found out why this is so.


Tour operators, in turn, like air, need a product that can be offered to tourists in winter. Foreign countries are still almost locked up. TUI Russia announced a charter to Baikal as a logical continuation of the summer program. This is good, but for complete happiness there is not enough money: in order for this program to become profitable, the promised subsidies from the state are needed.

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Meanwhile, tourists and travel agents can’t figure out the rules. Rospotrebnadzor for those traveling abroad: is it necessary to download the PCR test for Public services within 72 hours or is it enough just to hand over, and you can lay out later? As it turned out, in different territorial offices of Rospotrebnadzor, this question is answered differently.


Fines for violations are also not everywhere and not all. Perhaps the most severe is the Moscow Rospotrebnadzor, which on October 1 has already reported on the issued fines. However, lawyers believe that they can and should be challenged.


And finally, a brief overview of news from abroad. You will understand everything from the headings. “Spanish resorts predict a crisis in tourism due to inaction of the authorities”, “The Maldives will award miles for loyalty to tourists” and, finally, “The resumption of flights to Goa is postponed.”

Read about other important topics in the next issues. Don’t thank.

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