The mandatory mask regime in Udmurtia, which was introduced on September 11, will be advisory in nature from February 12.

“At the same time, I ask you very much, I appeal to everyone, still use a mask in public transport, in public places, in shops, in theaters, on airplanes and trains,” wrote head of the republic Alexander Brechalov on your VKontakte page. By canceling the requirement, he said, he hopes “for an element of a social contract.” “We naturally meet entrepreneurs halfway. But at the same time [продавцы] they should be wearing masks behind the counter of shops, ”Brechalov added.

In addition, from February 10, restrictions on the work of catering establishments, cinemas, theaters and other leisure facilities will be lifted. Sports competitions will be allowed for residents of all ages, with the exception of category 65+, and if half of the halls are filled with spectators. Also in Udmurtia, the number of guests who can be invited to register a marriage was increased to 20 people.

The easing of restrictions became possible due to the fact that the situation with the coronavirus in the region, according to Brechalov, is “controlled and relatively stable”, largely due to vaccinations. At the moment, almost half of the seats in COVID centers are free. “If the dynamics of morbidity does not deteriorate, then from February 15, some of the covid beds will be transferred to the regular mode of operation,” added the head of Udmurtia.

Since the end of January, the daily increase in new cases of coronavirus in the region has begun to decrease markedly, more than twofold in ten days. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 26.4 thousand infected have been identified here, 541 people have died.

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Earlier, the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus in Russia announced Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She noted that now all regions are in the incidence zone below 1. “29 regions of the country are in the stage of decline, stable decline, 54 are in the stage of stabilization, the unstable situation is still noted in two regions of the country – the Kostroma and Pskov regions. We very much hope that the situation will stabilize there too, ”Golikova said. According to her, the death rate from Covid-19 decreased in Russia, in January compared with December – by 11%.

At the same time, she noted that in order to remove restrictions, including travel restrictions, half of Russians must be vaccinated – 68.6 million people (excluding those who have already been ill, and children under the age of 18). She added that it is this number that will speak of the formation of population immunity in Russians from the coronavirus. “Until these indicators are reached, the restrictive measures that have been introduced, we must observe,” the Deputy Prime Minister summed up.

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