What does a travel agent need to promote on social media?

Social Media Marketing Specialist Armen Kalajyan talked on Facebook about why it will not work to effectively promote a regular travel agency on Instagram: you need to stand out with something. We publish the post with the permission of the author.

“We have a travel agency. We want to promote in social networks. Can you help? ” An instructive and typical story.

There is some kind of trouble with these requests. Often you have to wrap them up after 20 minutes of communication or exchange of questions and answers. The chances of successful promotion are almost zero.

Same thing yesterday:

– A girl from St. Petersburg writes in WhatsApp: “I would like to know how much it costs to promote on Instagram. Online travel agency just opened. ”

I am looking at the site. Everything is standard: they sell any tours. A familiar form of tour search. In general, everything is like everyone else.

– I ask: “Do you offer any tours from tour operators?”

– Answers: “Yes”.

– In this case, it makes sense to promote through your personal brand, otherwise you will not be able to get clients on social networks. That is, you personally need to be promoted.

– Is there any other way? Personally, I would not want to spin myself in any way.

– I continue: “You need to stand out in social networks: either a person or a product. What are the features and benefits of your product? ”

– She: “I understand that you need to stand out. That is why I am writing to you. I don’t have any ideas yet, I just sell tours. And I want to sell not only to my acquaintances, but also to find a client through social networks. And how to stand out, I have not yet decided.

Maybe choose one direction as the main one or come up with something else. ”

– I sum up: “Or choose a direction. Also an option.

Your task is, in fact, more global than promotion on Instagram. To begin with, I would work on product and personal positioning. Then, based on the new positioning, promote in social networks.

But to immediately promote an ordinary travel agency, which is no different from competitors, is not worth it. There will be no result. The time of ordinary travel agencies has passed. ”

THE END. The girl disappeared for a long time to think or was simply disappointed with such a recommendation.


And I will repeat: “It is not worth promoting an ordinary travel agency that is no different from its competitors in social networks right away. There will be no result. The time of ordinary travel agencies has passed. ”

Alas, the registration of an LLC or individual entrepreneur, as well as the launch of a typical travel agency website, DOESN’T mean that we have a business.

Business is the product and marketing of that product. Marketing is not only about promoting, but also about packaging a product.

No standout product, no packaging, no business.

In fact, there is nothing to promote on social networks. Instagram loves emotions, freshness, and not 100 million photos from the Internet about tours to Sochi, Egypt and the Maldives. It is impossible to build on this SMM.

And, of course, it’s strange to hear from the owner: “I haven’t decided yet how to stand out”.

This can only be decided by the owner, or a consultant with experience in managing his own agency can help with this. No SMM, or even more so a targetologist, will not help here.


You need to come to the SMM specialist with a finished product, and his task is to correctly present it in the networks.

For such clients, I always offer one of two solutions:

– modify the product,

– to shoot at a personal brand, scrupulously building it for months.

Yes, it is possible to successfully sell a standard travel product if the personality of the leader attracts the audience.

But if there is no product and there is no desire to promote your persona in any way – then excuse me.

In a falling tourist market, when the very idea of ​​”just a travel agency for everyone” is a sad anachronism, social networks will not be able to help.

By the way, all this applies not only to tourism, but also to other highly competitive niches. It’s better to be funny and weird on social media than nothing.


Editorial opinion may not reflect the views of the author. What do you think, is it possible to promote an ordinary travel agency in social networks?

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