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The news that caused a lot of discussion among both professionals and tourists: the US Embassy is actually stopping the issuance of nonimmigrant visas due to the ban on hiring personnel in Russia. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov does not see this as a big problem: in the United States before, they were reluctant to let them in. However, in the tourist community, what is happening is perceived as another step towards international isolation. “The Iron Curtain is no longer falling, but falling!” – subscribers of the Roof of TourDoma telegram channel lament and discuss in which cities and countries a Russian citizen can still try to submit documents for an American visa.


Another resonant topic is the head of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako proposed to introduce a tax for those who go on vacation abroad. The money should go to the development of domestic tourism, in which the government already wants to invest 2.6 trillion rubles. within the framework of the national project.


By the way, at his presentation, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that Russians have spent $ 250 billion on vacations abroad in 10 years. With this money, according to him, Turkey, Greece and Egypt rebuilt themselves. They had to be spent in Russia. It’s not hard to guess what the reaction of many tourists turned out to be. In the comments, they urge to leave them the freedom to choose a vacation spot. The director thinks so too TEZ TOUR Greece Dimitris Haritidis… In his article, he refutes the thesis that Greece built infrastructure with Russian money.


Meanwhile, the last clients of tour operators have left Turkey, and the exodus of independent travelers will also be completed by June 1. It is not clear whether the country will be “opened” after this date. Those exploring alternative options may benefit from the news of new flights. Air Serbia to the cities of Russia.


Cuba is also making plans to expand air traffic with our country. Well, those who were inspired by the promises of Rostourism to organize affordable charter tours in 12 destinations in Russia should know that tour operators have not received subsidies for these purposes yet.


The State Duma introduced the law on children’s tourism
Aeroflot 40% of revenue was missing
Cashback for rest in children’s camps will be available from mid-June
Egyptian museums have halved prices for tourists
Greece extended the quota for the entry of Russians

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