Travel News Digest Tuesday 16 March

Just two news related to the popular tourist destination – Sri Lanka. And both are positive. The authorities of this island state are planning to cancel the mandatory two-week quarantine for tourists in the coming days, although so far only for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. And since April 1, direct flights from Moscow to the direction have been announced Aeroflot – air tickets are already on sale. Perhaps the only thing that adds a fly in the ointment is the absence of an agreement between our countries on the resumption of air traffic, which means that only independent travelers will be able to take advantage of flights so far.


Important news for both tourists and travel companies: Rostourism announced the start dates for the next stage of the tourist cashback program. For what period you can book trips and how long it needs to be done in order to receive a refund of part of the cost of travel services – you will learn from the article.


Meanwhile State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the third reading the law on the federal register of travel agents. What changes this can bring to the cooperation of tour operators and their retail partners – we learned from the specialist, the founder of the legal agency “Persona Grata” Georgy Mokhov.


The main industry event – the 27th international tourism exhibition starts in Moscow MITT… The heads of travel companies share their impressions of how her first day went.

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It is also interesting to read: will the TEZ TOUR tour operator find a replacement for the hotels of its former Turkish partner?
Airlines do not agree on charter flights to the UAE – how does this affect the cost of the tours?
The top manager of the company that manages the hotel in Crimea explained why the prices for the rooms went up.

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