Since the beginning of 2020, almost every second Russian (44%) has gone on vacation, another 13% are planning trips by the end of the year, according to a survey of travel planning service OneTwoTrip.

According to the study, our fellow citizens chose travel around the country mainly because of their love for their homeland – 58%, while 17% of respondents admitted that they chose domestic tourism due to the lack of other opportunities, in particular, visas, another 9% were restricted to travel abroad, 16% answered that they went to visit relatives or to their favorite region.

The poll conducted by the service was attended by 1.7 thousand respondents.

Despite the fact that this summer the Russians practically did not have the opportunity to travel abroad and the only option for recreation was travel around the country, there is no talk of any sensational result. Earlier, experts said that during the season, the travel industry in terms of occupancy reached 70% of the same period in 2019, while a drop was recorded even on beach destinations.

The deterrent factors for Russians were fear of coronavirus, fear of being quarantined and falling income. As a result, as evidenced by the data of the VTsIOM poll, published earlier, more than half of citizens – 64% – spent their vacations either at home or in the country. Only 9% of the respondents traveled to another city in the summer, to the Krasnodar Territory – 6%, and to the Crimea – 4%. Abroad, according to VTsIOM, only 0.5% of Russians rested against 8% in the same period last year.

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In order to get any noticeable objective result on the growth of domestic tourism, experts are sure that even more work is needed to inform the population and develop infrastructure, which will help increase competition in the market and avoid an excessive increase in living prices, as was the case in the south of Russia this summer. In addition, in order to judge the real effect of all the efforts now being made to stimulate travel around the country, one must wait until international tourism is fully restored to understand how many Russians still prefer to rest at home.

As for the summer of 2021, then, according to the forecasts of experts, it will be approximately the same as the current season. Outbound tourism is likely to remain in a semi-working mode, and the domestic market again cannot avoid excess transportation with low ticket prices and super-expensive accommodation, predicts director of the national tour operator “Alean”, vice-president of ATOR Ilya Umansky

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