I-LIN TOURISM inspected the hotels of the Mersa Matruh resort

While many tourists have been waiting for the resumption of flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada for more than five years, the specialists of the I-LIN TOURISM tour operator discovered the advantages of the so far little-known resort of Egypt – Mersa Matruh, having personally inspected its hotels. The head of the marketing department Daria Kotok talks about the new direction.

Egyptian Maldives

Egypt is not only the Red Sea, but also the Mediterranean, the main advantage of which is its wide beaches with fine white sand and the incredible color of sea water with shades of blue, blue and turquoise. Here is the pretty town of Mersa Matruh, which means “anchored anchor” in Arabic. Until recently, the resort was a luxury destination for local and foreign oligarchs. Little is known about him in Russia, but in vain.

The landscapes of Mersa Matruh are striking in their beauty, as the representatives of the company were able to see for themselves. Previously, the tour operator I-LIN TOURISM cooperated with the host company in Egypt – Selfi Travel – only for the sale of tours to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. But recently the head of DMC offered to sell another direction – Mersa Matruh.

“It is strange that before this pearl of the Mediterranean was unknown to anyone. A cleaner and more beautiful sea, I have not seen anywhere else. No wonder the direction is compared with the Maldives. The most famous beach of the resort is Ajiba (from Arabic “miracle”). It attracts tourists with picturesque views, as well as many caves and grottoes, ”says Daria.


Lovers of secluded relaxation will also love the Graham and Haram beaches, she said. The latter is located 17 km from the city and is considered a very romantic place. 7 km from the resort, in a small bay, there are the Cleopatra Baths, with whose name many local legends are associated.


A great advantage of Mersa Matruh is its proximity to Cairo, where Russian airlines now fly. And, if you have to get to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh from the capital of Egypt for 6, and sometimes even 8 hours, then the nearest hotel in the Mediterranean resort is only 3 hours away. There is still no large-scale tourist flow to Mersa Matruh, the tour operator I-LIN TOURISM provides tourists with an individual comfortable transfer. “In addition, on the way we were never stopped at checkpoints, at which a lot of time is usually wasted,” the expert shares his personal impressions.


Mersa Matruh has a very comfortable mild Mediterranean climate. From June to November, it is the perfect place to relax. During the day it is + 30–32 ° С, at night + 23–24 ° С. The water temperature all summer is + 26 ° С.

Attractions and excursions

From Mersa Matruh you can go on an excursion to one of the neighboring cities: Alexandria, Cairo or Siwa oasis. The road to Alexandria will take 2.5 hours. If you have not been able to see the legendary pyramids of Giza before, tours to Mersa Matruh are a great chance. Vivid impressions await tourists in the Siwa oasis.


In addition, Mersa Matruh is an interesting shopping destination. Here you can profitably buy high-quality shoes, famous African cotton, oriental perfumery and jewelry, as well as unique handicrafts.

What to offer tourists?

The range of the tour operator is now represented by 15 hotels in the Mediterranean. All hotels of the Jaz chain, Carols Beau Rivage Matrouh 5 * and Caesar Bay Resort 5 * are located directly in the province of Mersa Matruh. The rest, including Rixos Alamein 5 *, belong to the North Coast area, which is located closer to Alexandria.


Mersa Matruh hotels are famous for their excellent service, large green area and calm atmosphere. Tour prices will make self-tourists envy. For example, on Booking.com, only accommodation will cost from 200 thousand rubles per week, while our entire tour package with flight, transfer, accommodation will cost from 180 thousand. The hotels offer meals according to the breakfast-dinner system and all inclusive. The host company Selfi Travel hired Russian-speaking staff especially for our tourists: an animation team, a guest relations manager. The reception is also always staffed to help resolve any issues.

The tour operator’s representatives are now in Jaz Almaza Beach. There are two a la carte restaurants on its territory. They cook very tasty and varied. The hotel also has a comfortable mini-club, four swimming pools and offers European-style rooms. More information about other hotels can be found on the tour operator’s website.

jaz almaza_.jpg

I assure you, tourists will want to come to Mersa Matruh again, I think, even when Egyptian resorts that are popular with Russian tourists will be opened.

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