The situation in the tourist business has reached a boiling point

More and more emotional statements of travel agents appear on social networks – even the most persistent can not stand their nerves from the hopelessness of what is happening. According to the leaders of the authorities in charge of the industry, public figures close to them, the tourist business is on the rise: international destinations are opening up, domestic tourism is developing. Chapter Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova flies around the craters of volcanoes in the Far East, posts videos to stories, discusses the need to “identify underutilized objects of attraction for tourists, synchronize current and potential investment projects, form or update architectural design codes for the resort environment.

Meanwhile, the truth of the life of the tourist industry is completely different.

“What do we have, gentlemen? There is nowhere to transfer the tours! “

Olga Chernyak

Travel agency “Onyx” (Tula)

Olga Chernyak, a travel agent from Tula, published on her Facebook page “a post of pain, despair, rage, disappointment …” Here are excerpts from it: “I no longer know what to say to tourists and what to hope for. And here is no longer about myself! Thank God I have a lot of Maldives, Dubai and other VIP segment.

But I no longer know what to answer the questions: “What about our Turkey and Greece?” Do you think this is hysteria and increased emotionality against the backdrop of a full moon? Your right! But let’s think about it (once again):
– we have moved Greece from 2020 to 2021;
– we moved May 2021 to June 2021;
– transferring the first half of 2021 to the second! your mother;
– what do the Greeks say? OK (ola kala for those who understand), we have already endured everything that we could, let’s finish this story already. The country (Greece) is open and, in fact, these are your problems – for a mighty, strong, rich Russia, that you have nothing to reach us on! Have we recognized your vaccine? Yes! Have we removed all the restrictions for you? Yes! Have we sent a delegation to you? Yes!

What do we have, gentlemen? There is nowhere to transfer tours! The money must be returned by the end of the year, it seems, and will be returned, and together with them I (read, all agencies) must return my earnings for 2019 and 2020, and if not, then to court!

How do you, Ms. Doguzova? It’s not like drinking vodka in Kamchatka, is it? Would you like to join the share? Perhaps there will be a line of people willing to help us? Funny, the most funny. Who are we for you, small fry, something blathering there for the second year.

… It is clear that no one cares about our appeals and petitions, but should there be some kind of clarity? Well, tell me already that everything is canceled this year, but no, you are pulling until the last, you are drawing agents and operators into a confrontation, without giving the opening dates of the countries. Operators demand a surcharge for tours that are in the air, tourists refuse to pay, agents, as usual, take full advantage.


How do you know how we spend our evenings and nights – after all, we are such optimists on social networks! We are strangled and killed, then they give us a month to work, and voila! we are on the dance floor again!

Yes, you can’t use foul language, I know, but there is simply nothing else …

Who do you think we are, stewards of souls? Aren’t you afraid of heavenly punishment? We are not a gray mass, not dark peasants, we are thinking, thinking and understanding people, find an opportunity to explain with us and find a compromise. ”

“Tourists are not ready to pay 100% for a closed destination”

Andrey Ponomarev

Travel agency “Start Time”

And here is a recent post from a member of the “Travel Presidium” group Start Time. Here it is more restrained, but also about the problem when travel agents, together with tourists, find themselves in a situation that is obviously unfair.

“Of course, everyone is tired of the endless complaints of travel agents, but a flight to Turkey at the beginning of June, the time limit for an additional payment costs 28.05.21. Tourists are not ready to pay 100% for a “closed” route until it becomes clear “if we fly, we will not fly.” Tour operators ignore requests to reschedule the payment time limit. Why? Put on 02.06.21 – everyone will understand by this day whether we are flying or not. The tension is already high, tourists are jerking – what to do, what options … also this illogical formalism. Pay! Our tourists have clearly stated: until there is a “Yes”, we will not pay anything. And what – cancellation, fines, FPR … for what? ”

“Lord and Saint Nicholas! Return everything to square one “

Elena Karoli

Apulia House (Italy)

In conclusion – the comment of the community member Elena Karoli: “Lord !!! Let’s start a new day, when we, in my favorite group, will begin to communicate as before … Share experiences, opinions, discussion of hotels and organization of recreation … Lord and Saint Nicholas !!! Return everything to square one … “

The group members supported Elena with numerous likes.

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