Why do they choose the “summer collection” of the tour operator

In the summer season of 2021, the tour operator Coral Travel strengthened its positions in the key Turkish direction, including through the previously unprecedented expansion of the range of exclusive hotels – up to 120. We learned what travel agents think about this and how the availability of exclusives helps them in their work.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such an assortment”

The first thing that travel agencies pay attention to is a spectacular list of hotels presented only by a tour operator. In the summer season of 2021, Coral Travel strengthened its positions in the key Turkish destination, including through the previously unprecedented expansion of the range of exclusive hotels – from 80 in 2020 to 120 in 2021. These hotels have contracts for the right to exclusive sale, that is, they can only be bought from Coral Travel. In addition, the exceptional conditions for some of the chains and hotels on the list imply large quotas or special prices. The operator designed his idea into a project called “Summer collection of hotels”.

This is the first time I see that a tour operator has 120 exclusives presented at once. This, of course, pleases us. An exclusive hotel is a source of pride, confidence in the quality of rest and compliance with the stated price. In general, the list is very decent, and most importantly, the hotel base allows you to choose the right accommodation facility and satisfy any client’s budget. ”

, manager of the agency “Aquatur”

“Won love long ago”

According to travel agencies, the expansion of exclusive hotels this season is the main trend, where Coral Travel has managed to select some of the best properties. Judge for yourself.

One of the contracts was signed with the popular Kamelya Collection complex. Hotels under this brand are known for the attentive attitude of the staff, an active animation team, a high level of service, high-quality and varied food. Another important agreement was signed with the Eftalia hotel chain, which is appreciated for its thoughtful approach to family holidays and a huge beach entertainment complex.

But that’s not all. The popular Turkish chain Paloma Hotels preferred Coral Travel, and as a result, the operator received the largest quota in the network with European service and forty years of history.

Finally, Coral Travel, as before, will be the only operator offering OTI Hotels & Resorts. Popular properties include Xanadu Resort in Belek, Seven Seas Hotel Life in Kemer, Seven Seas Hotel Blue and Otium Family Eco Club in Side.

These hotels have long been familiar to both travel agents and tourists, time-tested and long-term cooperation. They have long won the love and trust of our tourists for their friendly and homely atmosphere, high-quality service and level of service, the willingness of the staff to always come to the rescue. ”

Tatiana Ilyinchik

, travel agency “Sea of ​​the Sun”, Zelenograd


The main hotels of the OTI Hotels & Resorts chain are always confident that our tourists will be satisfied. The expansion of this chain suggests that the new products will also significantly improve the quality of rest, regardless of the price segment. This is important when tourists want to get maximum service for their money. The presence of branded children’s clubs Sun Famaly Club is important. In my opinion, the assortment was created with the expectation of returning to Turkey a large number of regular customers who are accustomed to rest in certain hotels. It can be seen that a huge amount of work has been done to select these accommodation facilities. ”

Dmitry Aglyamov

, General Director of LLC “BusinessResource”, Moscow

Large quotas and guarantee of availability

First of all, agreements were reached with popular and well-known hotels on the market. Places in them run out long before the departure date; it is difficult to get to these hotels in the high season. And we are talking not only about expensive objects, this applies to popular hotels of all categories: three-star, four-star, and budget “five”. For these hotels, Coral Travel has a large quota of rooms, which means they will be instantly confirmed and will be available when booking.


In exclusive hotels, Coral Travel has large quotas. This means quick confirmation and availability of places in demanded hotels in Turkey. For example, in the Club Marvy and Paloma hotels, which, in my opinion, are unique in their concept, location, interesting events, eco-style. It can be seen that the tour operator did work ahead of the season to improve its own product line and open up new destinations for tourists. All hotels are naturally familiar to us. ”

Maria Prikhodko

, Director of IE Prikhodko O. G., Krasnodar

Favorable price, increased commission

According to travel agents, offering tourists hotels from the “Summer Collection” of a tour operator, one can be sure not only of the quality of the service provided, but also of the exclusive cost – the most favorable price on the tourism market. In addition, retail partners receive additional “chips” when booking exclusives – increased commission, additional bonuses, etc. Hotels that are included in the “exclusive collection” of the tour operator are always convenient to book, they have a separate search filter.


We have been working with Coral Travel for a long time. I like their policy, attitude towards partners. An exclusive project with an operator is always good, because the company carefully chooses hotels for its exclusive, imposes many criteria and requirements for them. Therefore, the hotels will try to match and keep the service at the level. ”

Elina Gruzdeva

, head of the network of travel agencies “Alex-Tour”, Omsk

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