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The Chinese gave the world paper, gunpowder, coronavirus and a reliable way to find out if it is in the human body. As reported The Times, to enter the Middle Kingdom, all foreigners now need an anal swab for COVID-19, which gives a more accurate result than the usual method of taking a sample from the nose. I’m not kidding. The news has already made American diplomats shudder. We found out the details and even found a video where Shanghai doctors demonstrate a new method. How soon will it be adopted by other countries? Hopefully not as fast as gunpowder.


Europe, meanwhile, is adjusting to a life without tourists. In the center of Vienna, a souvenir kiosk was converted into an express laboratory for PCR tests. Sergey Khomyakov shared a photo.


The World Health Organization does not support the introduction of covid passports. Representatives of this structure fear that a shortage of drugs could lead to discrimination. In addition, vaccines need to be properly studied. An official spokesman says there is no consensus on covid passports in the EU Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova


Realizing that not all tourists are ready to get vaccinated now, the Seychelles authorities canceled the requirement for a covid certificate for crossing the border and agreed to let guests in with a PCR test, including from Russia. And the island of Bali is preparing “green zones” to receive foreign tourists.


The coronavirus and closed borders are not the only obstacles for tourists looking to travel abroad. Compared to 2019, international flights from Russia have risen in price by an average of 50%. By the way, for those who are going to Egypt, it makes sense not to delay buying tickets.

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But we are ready to argue: it is the domestic tourism in Russia that will receive doping in the form of a huge flow of tourists. Since January 1, Sochi alone has already received a million guests. For citizens to travel more actively around the country, Rostourism again promises to coincide with the beginning of the tourist season with a gift in the form of the third wave of cashback. However, travel companies are losing patience: in order to be useful, the action had to be started “yesterday”. Informed sources claim that a hitch arose at the stage of financing approval, because last year Rosturizm managed to draw only 1.2 billion rubles. out of 15 billion allocated by the government.


While vacationing on the Black Sea, many people compare the service with Turkish, especially when it comes to “all inclusive”. Each hotel now has its own idea of ​​what services and alcohol of what strength should be offered to guests. Experts insist that standards are needed, but this is not easy.


In conclusion, the news in one line:
The largest Greek airline will start flights to Russia. Tickets are on sale now.
Lufthansa suffered a record loss in 2020.
Tourists have been evacuated from the Taj Mahal due to a bomb report.
Some hotels in Turkey have run out of places for the May holidays.
A new “star” is on the list of cool Turkish fives.
The widowed pensioner is waiting for a refund for the failed tour. What did the tour operator say?

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