… and what does the lobster have to do with it

You might think PAC GROUP has gone crazy: in the midst of the crisis, it announces the start of the next award “Travel Architects”. But the company’s management is confident that now is the time for this action. The award is intended for travel agencies that know how and love to work with a premium product, which remains highly relevant on the market. Read about the achievements for which the tour operator will present awards to partners. And what does the lobster have to do with it.

Nominations for the creative elite

The crown is the crown, and planes in all open directions of tourism fly with high loads. Maldives, UAE, Cuba, Turkey, Egypt, Tanzania and, of course, Russia – it is obvious that all countries available to our travelers have great potential for premium tourism and are in demand today in this format. The share of an expensive product has always been large in the sales structure of our company; we have many partners with an extensive VIP clientele. This means that the awards from the PAC GROUP in the framework of the traditional Travel Architects award will find their heroes in the travel agency environment. The promotion started on October 1 and will run throughout 2021. Let us recall in which nominations retail travel agencies compete.

“Star Architect”. This is a nomination for the tourist elite, here the absolute leader in the number of booked nights in hotels of the 5 * and 5 * + categories will be revealed.

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“Luxury Travel Architect”… In this nomination, our partners show their ability to work with a VIP tourist, guess and fulfill his wishes. The winner will be the agency that will book the tour with the highest budget per person with PAC GROUP, provided that the program has at least one night with accommodation in 5 * and 5 * + hotels.


“Architect of Vivid Impressions”. Here we evaluate innovative programs with creative content. An expert jury will select the top 10 best routes that will be posted on the site for open online voting by the entire travel community. As a result, three winners in this nomination will be determined by a majority of votes.

Our competitors create real masterpieces. It is easy to see this by looking at the programs that were presented by the “Architects of Vivid Impressions” to the jury in the framework of the previous award.


We are waiting for new works of tourism art. The authors of the best ideas will go on unique journeys.

The prize fund of the Travel Architects campaign will be announced later, stay tuned!

Lobster is calling

In addition to the awards in the three listed nominations, other prizes await the participants of the award. Twenty travel agencies that will show the maximum sales of PAC GROUP travel products in the premium segment (hotels 5 * and above) will become members of the Lobster Club. For them – special bonuses and club trips to the most famous luxury hotels in the world.

Members of Lobster Club – 2019 were supposed to gather at Forte Village Resort this summer, for obvious reasons the trip did not take place, but it is not canceled. As soon as Italy opens up for Russian tourists, PAC GROUP will organize the promised lobster tour.

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Dear partners, follow the Lobster Club rating online in your personal account on the PAC GROUP website. Nominate your designs for the Travel Architects Award. Look for opportunities to expand your circle of premium customers, today is their time! By the way, some of the wealthy tourists travel abroad with diplomatic passports, which means they can visit countries that are closed to most of the world. We also have clients who live in Europe, but book tours with PAC GROUP through Russian companies. In a word, travel agencies find a grateful consumer for high-class travel services.

For its part, PAC GROUP strives to make the work of partners as simple, technological and profitable as possible.


Technologies, commission, bonuses

An upgrade of our designer of individual tours has taken place – we present to you the PAC World 3.0 system, which allows you to work very flexibly with an expensive product. Hotel services, excursion programs, transfers and all related services easily rhyme with each other and with any available air transportation from the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.

On the main page of our site pac.ru you will find the most relevant special offers, promotions and bonuses from popular hotels in the world. Now they are more interested in downloading than ever and are trying to attract customers with all sorts of amenities. So stay tuned.

If you need the support of PAC GROUP experts when forming a tour, please contact us, our employees work as usual and are ready to advise on any questions.

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And in conclusion, about agency policy. Here, too, everything is stable: the starting agent discount of 10% increases as sales grow. Plus, when booking regular air travel through the PAC World system, dealers receive 5 euros per ticket and a bonus for selling business class seats. For those who work with PAC GROUP – participation in Cashback programs in Russia with the integration of travel agencies.

So, the Travel Architects Award has started. The crown is the crown, and life is still beautiful because people travel!

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