Where does Alean Family Resort Collection get its footage from?

The Alean Family Resort Collection includes 5 hotels on the Black Sea coast – in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi. They employ more than 2,500 people, of whom more than 150 are in leadership positions. “We gather specialists around us who share our values. These are people who want to constantly develop, strive for professional growth, realizing that even mistakes are nothing more than an opportunity for moving forward, if you learn from them and correct them in time. These are people who are ready to work together and with joy in a team of like-minded people, who are proud of their work. They are friendly, always greet guests with a smile, show care and true hospitality. ” This is how the COO of the company Anna Anischenko speaks about the priorities in team building. In this article, we introduce you to its brightest and most charismatic representatives.

“I have always liked working in the service sector”

Olga Smolkina – Commercial Director of the management company Alean Family Resort Collection

In 2017, Olga first came to rest at the Deauville Hotel (Anapa) and was sincerely amazed at what modern resort was built near her native Krasnodar. At that time, she held a leading position in a large IT company, but was thinking about changing the field of activity, finding a place where there would be more live communication and emotions, you can see the result with your own eyes and get feedback directly from consumers. “I have always liked working in the service sector and, having seen what an amazing product appeared on the Russian coast, I certainly wanted to be involved in this and apply my experience and my knowledge in this particular company”. Upon returning from vacation, Olga sent a resume and after 2 months she started her first task – the development of a marketing concept for a network product. After a successful start, her career in the holding began to develop. Now Olga Smolkina is responsible for sales, promotion, image and event events, oversees the animation direction and commercial areas – retail, beauty and health centers, etc. She employs 46 people.

“In Russia, many do not understand the importance of personalized service”


Evgeniya Ziyatdinova – Head of the service for work with guests Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville 5 * (Anapa)

It is impossible not to notice the radiant Zhenya “at the post” in the Hotel “Deauville”. She is always in shape, in heels and with a smile. Evgeniya joined Alean Family Resort Collection in 2017. Prior to that, she gained extensive experience abroad: for 6 years she worked in the famous luxury hotel “Al Kasser” (Jumeirah, UAE). I started with the reception, then moved on to the Guest Relation service. “Many people in Russia do not understand the importance of personalized service. But when it can be built, it is a great success – a wonderful atmosphere is created in the hotel. And even if you look at it rationally, an individual approach to a client brings quite concrete dividends to the business: it saves the owners money for promotion, includes word of mouth mechanisms, ”says Evgenia. Her main mission at the Deauville hotel is for guests to leave the hotel happy with the thought of when they will return next time.

“I am a real fan of my native Krasnodar Territory”


Denis Pod – the chef of the food service Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville 5 * (Anapa)

In 2017, Denis, who at that time had his own gastronomic project, was invited to conduct a master class at the Alean Family Resort Collection. And just a couple of days later, there was an offer to work in a hotel as a landlord. At that time, the specialist had employment options in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, abroad – in Italy. But he chose Alean, which he does not regret for a minute: “I am a real fan of my native Krasnodar Territory and promotion of recreation in Russia.” After 8 months, Denis became a chef. “When you work in the hospitality industry, you must love people first. This is perhaps the most important thing. The most pleasant moment is when the guests say thank you, sincerely thank you for the delicious food, for the good rest, for the care shown. Those for whom work is a source of income do not stay in our sphere for a long time, ”says Denis. Despite the busy schedule, the chef of Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville 5 * finds time to improve his own competencies – he finishes an online course at the Swiss School of Hospitality and, in order to share his knowledge and experience, organizes an internship at the hotel for graduates and students specialized educational institutions.

“I was greeted not just as a specialist, but primarily as a person”


Yulia Zozulya – Director of the Department of Hotel Management Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz 4 * (Gelendzhik)

Julia has worked in the reception and accommodation service of Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz since 2004, when he was not yet part of the Alean Family Resort Collection and worked under the name “Pine Grove”. Then she went on maternity leave. In 2015, after the next stage of reconstruction of the former boarding house, her manager called her and offered to continue her career. “It was completely unexpected for me. I won over that the interviews were conducted by the hotel manager and then by the owner. I was greeted not just as a specialist, but above all as a person. This showed real interest, and I firmly decided – I want to come back here, ”Yulia recalls. According to her, Alean literally breathed life into the hotel, carried out a complete reconstruction, the service has risen to a qualitatively new level. Julia was in charge of the reception and accommodation service – one of the most critical areas. Indeed, from the way guests are received and seen off, they have almost the most memorable first and final impressions of the rest. In addition, the department works with reviews – feedback is very important for the company. Just the other day, Yulia became the director of the hotel management department. Now, in addition to the reception and accommodation service, she is also responsible for housekeeping and laundries. “The appointment inspired me. Having received this offer, I again experienced the same feelings as when I first interviewed at Alean, ”says the specialist.

“Those who want to advance in their position and are ready to make efforts to this have such an opportunity”


Victoria Maltseva – Head of room service Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera 4 * (Anapa)

For 16 years in the company, Victoria has gone from a maid to the head of a department, now she has over 90 people under her command. The task of the service, for which the head of the room fund is responsible, is to provide guests with home comfort, cleanliness and perfect order. “The profession of a maid is considered to be not prestigious, but I explain to my employees how important their position is, I teach them to respect my work. Alean, in turn, appreciates their work – there are awards for the impeccable quality of cleaning, in addition, every month we determine and reward the best, ”says Victoria. A high turnover in grassroots positions is perhaps inevitable – many are initially employed only for the season. “But you won’t believe: we have maids who have been working at Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera for 10 years or more. They have a “gold status” for a long experience, special respect in the team, – says Victoria Maltseva, – those who want to advance in positions and are ready to make efforts to this have such an opportunity – the company invests generously in personnel training. A striking example is my own career. ”

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