In Turkey, a large-scale audit of all enterprises, including tourist ones, begins due to the growth of the Covid-19 incidence curve. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already sent out the corresponding circular to 81 provinces, 300 thousand inspectors have been sent to the “case”, informs Turizm Ajansi.

Restaurants, cafes and public transport will begin to check on March 20, the next day, inspectors will also go to beaches, streets and squares. Inspectors will come to hotels on March 22, a day later they will include airports and train stations in the list of inspections, on March 24 they will add hairdressers, beauty salons, baths. On March 25, the turn will come to large enterprises – factories, production facilities, as well as sports facilities and mosques, the next day, inspections, among other things, will be carried out in the markets.

If during the audit the auditors reveal violations, the more repeated, administrative actions cannot be avoided. All inspection data will be entered into a single system (ISDEM) and analyzed in order to highlight the regions with the greatest number of violators. Measures will be taken in accordance with this.

The inspectors, in particular, will pay attention to whether the establishments check the HES codes of the customers, which tourists also receive from March 15. In any case, experts recommend that travelers observe the mask regime in public places in order to avoid the risk of being fined, there have already been precedents more than once.

However, the very fact of such inspections is unlikely to have a negative impact on the demand for the destination, travel industry professionals believe. On the contrary, such checks only confirm Turkey’s desire to prepare for the season as much as possible, to ensure maximum safety of tourists, without causing them problems. Recall that in April, the Turkish authorities plan to cancel the mandatory PCR test when entering the country.

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