If you legalize the black market for air travel of tourists in the regions of Russia

The Russian tourism industry will receive up to 150 billion rubles a year if it can use the services of small aircraft, the commercial activity of which is now virtually prohibited. How to resolve – discussed at one of the February meetings in The State Duma… Read more about the great possibilities of small planes – in the article Ekaterina Tropova

Secure everything completely

“If you think it will go for a mask, then no. Find a medical one ”, – the security guard at the entrance to the temple of lawmaking welcomes the experts who have decided to contribute to the change of the Air Code. The State Duma is planning a round table on the topic of commercial air transportation on light aircraft. The guard, of course, cares about security. As it is customary to say nowadays, “ours – first of all”.

If you think about it, it is precisely this – ensuring security – that brought together aircraft manufacturers, lawyers, engineers, deputies, pilots and representatives of government departments involved in one way or another in small aircraft at one round table. In the sense that the industry has been secured to the point of confusion and it has become simply impossible to fly: neither you have air excursions over beautiful places, nor charters between regions on 10-12-seater boards, nor can you drive fishing on a seaplane if you don’t have one. More precisely, you cannot fly for money. If you can pretend that you are flying for free, then again you can. It was this conflict that the experts gathered to discuss, missing only the main ideologue of prohibitions and restrictions and the harsh guard of the industry – representatives Federal Air Transport Agency

By the way, without the “medical” mask sought by the keeper of the order, it “went through”. But the question of how a person in such a responsible position got this amazing vocabulary remained open.

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How much money will be exactly?

The elimination of administrative barriers, which today do not allow small aircraft to carry passengers for money, will affect, among other things, the development of domestic tourism. This will make it possible to legally conduct air excursions, improve the transport accessibility of regions, help reduce the cost of such services for the end user due to increased competition, and simply open up additional pages of national aviation history for the curious tourist, which we have with interest.

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According to expert estimates, 12-18 million passengers a year want to use such services in Russia, including air transportation in remote regions. Unsatisfied effective demand today amounts to 100–150 billion rubles. This is the money that the tourist market was missing. If we multiply all the indicators and take into account the need for the production of aircraft, the construction of new infrastructure, and so on, the overall volume of the industry is estimated at 0.75-1.5 trillion rubles, and the indirect economic effect of the development of dying regions due to their transport accessibility is estimated at 9- 10% of GDP.

And in the United States, for example, according to estimates PricewaterhouseCoopers, about 120 million tourists traveled using small aircraft in 2018. They spent $ 1.9 billion on food and $ 4.2 billion on housing, excluding souvenirs, snacks and food, and other related items.

And get on the planes faster, don’t be afraid of heights

Of course, the first thing that pops up in a tourist’s head when they mention small aircraft is, undoubtedly, excursions over beautiful cities and natural attractions. Today, in this part, a paradoxical situation has developed, when officially registered tour operators are significantly inferior in their capabilities to their “gray” brothers: only the services of airlines and, in exceptional cases, regional services remain at the disposal of the “officials” DOSAAFwhile the black market for air tours is booming. Without proper documents, air transportation continues to be carried out in all parts of our country. On the one hand, it is undoubtedly gratifying that the tourist has at least some opportunity to see Russia from a bird’s eye view. On the other hand, the market would clearly not be worse if all the same could be done “in white”.

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Changes in legislation will help the development of tourism in hard-to-reach regions, both in terms of attracting people there, and in terms of providing local residents with transport. Not to mention the fact that some places of attraction of interest in Russia are available only for air transport. The possibility of commercial use of small aircraft would make it possible to reduce the cost of visiting such facilities by 2–3 times, since at present, for this purpose, extremely expensive Mi-8 helicopters are used in most cases. Naturally, the high cost negatively affects the volume of the tourist flow. Legalization will have a beneficial effect on the formation of interregional tourist routes and will contribute to the growth of interest in business tourism in the regions. It will become easier to organize the leisure of solvent foreign tourists, because once the borders will open, and foreign guests will again want to take in as much of our homeland as possible in the shortest possible time.


At the same time, while some are fighting for the right to fly safely within the legal framework, others are already asking the state for subsidies in order to exercise this right. The All-Russian Association of Passengers and the Federation of General Aviation want state money to satisfy personal aviation and tourist ambitions. In early February, they reported this to the Parlamentskaya Gazeta, proposing to organize subsidized flights over the cities of the Golden Ring, the Bosporan Kingdom and even the Silver Necklace. According to representatives of these organizations, everyone wants to fly over the beauties of Russia, but not everyone has enough money, so the state should not bypass the curious tourist with its mercy.

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It’s safer to get out of the gloom

The main argument for the ban on the use of light aircraft for tourist purposes on a commercial basis by the main regulator of the industry – the Federal Air Transport Agency – remains the same “security”, which in Russia for some reason is either safer, or, on the contrary, less safe than in the rest of the world. They fly over the Maldives, fly over Alaska, even fly over Kenya, right over the heads of the Wildebeest. And they do not fly over Russia, because it is “unsafe.” Apparently, some kind of specific air, the atmosphere is not conducive to the performance of tourist flights.


Meanwhile, even in Rostransnadzor have already admitted that small aircraft are not going to offend tourists: “The level of security is growing, there is no particular problem. In order for the industry to work safely, it should not work in a “gray” zone, “the deputy head of the department noted during the roundtable. Andrey Shnyrev

Rostourism also at one time gave a positive description of the initiatives. A letter with a request to support such representatives of the business community wrote back in the summer of last year, having received a generalized but positive answer that the department “supports all activities that contribute to the development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation.”


As a result, despite the fact that representatives of the main ideologist of the prohibitions – the Federal Air Transport Agency – did not come, the case continues to live its own life. Participants’ proposals were drawn up in the form of a resolution and were submitted for signature to Gennady Zyuganov, who led the round table and promised to put in a word for the aviators in the government and before the president in person. In this regard, hopes that small planes will be allowed to make money already in 2021 are not extinguished.

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