Travel News Digest Friday 26 February

The member states of the Council of Europe expressed support for the idea of ​​introducing uniform certificates for vaccination against COVID-19 for the European space, which can become a pass for travel not only within the EU, but also for the entry into the territory of the European Union of residents of third countries. The technical elaboration of the procedure is expected to take 3 months. However, it is too early to speak about the final approval of the initiative, because the covid passports in Europe also have opponents. Are you ready to take a root if this becomes a prerequisite for tourism in the Old World? Take the survey.


Vaccination certificates are not required to travel to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. But the relief planned from March 1 – the cancellation of the mandatory presentation of a PCR test at border crossing – has been postponed. Whether the Turkish authorities have determined a new date, you will learn from the material.


Several news from the air transportation market. Aeroflot refused to introduce non-guaranteed air tickets. What they are and why the previous plans were revised – we will tell in the article.


And the low-cost subsidiary of the national carrier, Pobeda Airlines, will start operating flights not only from the Moscow airport in May. Vnukovobut also from Sheremetyevo… The routes also include a popular outbound destination. What – you will learn from the publication.


Meanwhile, Egypt has plans to create its own low-cost airline. Will the practical implementation of the project be spurred by the release of part of the aircraft from Egypt air – due to a drop in flight volumes during a pandemic?

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Legal news: Can tourists demand a refund if the postponed covid tour does not take place again? We inquired about the opinion of the founder of the Persona Grata legal agency Georgy Mokhov.


We also recommend reading: The director of a travel agency is charged with fraud in the amount of 12 million rubles.
Tour operator “Pegas” explained that it will offer tourists instead of tours that did not take place due to the pandemic.
How the Russian Union of Travel Industry settled in the new office – check it out!

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