A number of tour operators were able to use their personal responsibility funds in the Tourpomosch Association to provide refunds to their tourists for tours, the director of the association, Alexander Osaulenko, told Profi.Travel.

This is a mechanism developed back in April 2020 – in the first weeks after the start of the global coronavirus pandemic.

As part of this mechanism, tour operators wishing to use their FPO had to form a register of tourists whose trips did not take place from the moment of the termination of international flights until July 1. At the same time, the payments were made not by the operator himself, but by “Tourpomosch”.

Since the launch of the mechanism, seven tour operators have been able to use it, the total amount of refunds amounted to just over 15 million rubles. The last payments in the amount of about 6.5 million were made from the personal responsibility fund of the tour operator ITM Group (LLC Tour Operator IT Group Center).

“This is a clear example of how the law and the government should work: those companies that comply with all the rules should win,” says lawyer Alexander Bayborodin, who accompanied the procedure for preparing and submitting documents to ITM Group. – In this case, the winners are those operators who fully and regularly transfer all the amounts established by law to the funds and, accordingly, have accumulated an adequate amount of funds in the funds. Honest indicators and the government’s decision in the aggregate allowed ITM Group and similar companies to take advantage of the “savings” made at the right time. As a result, their tourists were able to receive funds in full at the beginning of 2021, and not at the end of 2021 ”.

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“As soon as it was announced about the possibility of paying tourists from personal liability funds, 42 tour operators in the field of outbound tourism decided to take advantage of this opportunity. As a result, 25 companies submitted registries for payments. The rest refused this for various reasons, – says Alexander Osaulenko. – One of the main constraints was the very procedure for filing documents and the requirements for them. Not in all cases the tour operators were able to provide all the confirmations. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the proposed mechanism was only the first measure of support, proposed much earlier than the transfer of obligations under Resolution 1073 of July 20, 2020, which was ultimately used by most tour operators. “

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