Tourist portal was modernized in Volgograd region… With its help, it will be convenient for tourists to get acquainted with a variety of tourist routes and tours for every taste.

You can learn more about the Volgograd Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

What is on the portal

The updated portal presents cultural, educational, gastronomic, ethnographic and ecological routes and tours of varying duration and difficulty. You can design your own route in the Volgograd Region in the “Route Designer” section.

How can a tourist decide on a route

If your tourists do not know where to start exploring the region, advise them to familiarize themselves with the list of the main events in the region. Convenient “Calendar of Events” will help you plan your leisure time at a convenient time. The Volgograd Region loves to celebrate holidays and events on a grand scale – so tourists will definitely remember such leisure.

Why Volgograd Region

Representatives of the region have compiled their personal Top-10 reasons to visit the Volgograd region. We are sure your tourists will be interested in this:

  • visit the main height of Russia – Mamayev Kurgan;
  • to prepare mustard oil in Staraya Sarepta – the only place of mustard cultivation in Russia;
  • take a trip on a unique underground tram – metrotram, which is the pride of Volgograd and is included in the list of the most interesting tram routes in the world;
  • look into mysterious places that attract ufologists and archaeologists, admire a flower from myths – a dream-grass;
  • get acquainted with the capital of the Russian province – the city of Uryupinsk;
  • to see the gold of the Sarmatians with your own eyes;
  • try “Zelo excellent fruit!” at the watermelon festival and find out why Kamyshin could compete with St. Petersburg;
  • be transported by a time machine to socialism;
  • take a photo against the backdrop of the highest chalk mountains;
  • walk along the shores of Lake Elton – the Russian Dead Sea.
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You can view the register of local tour operators here.

To learn more

Committee for Tourism Development of the Volgograd Region:
400066, Volgograd, st. Krasnoznamenskaya, 12;
+7 (8442) 35-30-80;
[email protected];

GAU VO “Tourism Development Agency”:
400074, Volgograd, st. them. Tsiolkovsky, 22;
+7 (8442) 95-95-19, +7 (8442) 95-75-90;
[email protected];

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