… in the private rooms of the Jasmine cottages and luxury villas of the Bellis Deluxe hotel

The five-star Bellis Deluxe hotel in Belek wants to draw the attention of travel agents and tourists to the advantages of luxury-rest in the “Jasmine” lake houses and villas. In this difficult pandemic year, the hotel did not cut the range of services provided, but on the contrary increased them so that each guest could feel special. Anastasia Shavarinskaya, Head of Marketing and Sales at Bellis Deluxе Hotel, talks in more detail about the extended concept of recreation in villas and in the buildings of “Jasmine”.

Hotel inside the hotel

The specificity of our hotel is that it is divided into two parts. The first is the main building and the Camellia bungalow. The second is the Jasmine lake houses and the villas that were built later. They are of a higher class and have their own special, more advanced concept. In fact, this is a hotel inside the large Bellis Deluxe hotel with its own VIP area. And here we can adequately compete with other popular Turkish luxury resorts.

The secret to perfect relaxation

First, I would like to tell you about our bestseller Jasmine lake houses. These are three-storey buildings, located with the letter L. They are literally immersed in greenery, as they are surrounded by a pine forest. They have their own private secluded area, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a relaxed holiday.

For example, they have their own brasserie with a large selection of imported foam served in bottles. One of the main advantages is its own a la carte restaurant Begonvil, designed in the style of an Italian chalet. In a beautiful atmosphere, vacationers have breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge throughout their stay. Delicious barbecues are prepared here, as well as other culinary delights.

A total of 96 large spacious rooms in Jasmin buildings in pastel calm colors: Jasmin Lagoon with direct access to the pool and Pool View on the second and third floor. The beach is only 5 minutes walk from them at a leisurely pace. Guests are very fond of strolling among the shady branches of pine trees while birds are singing.


All year without restrictions

Our separate pride is the villas. They are divided into two categories: Diamond (there are two in total) and 10 two-storey Bellis villas. The area of ​​each is 200 sq. m. Maximum accommodation 6 + 2.

For the guests of the villas there are maximum privileges. Free room service 24/7 – at any time of the day or night you can order food to your room. Whenever a tourist wants, they will come to him and set the table. Free laundry service, which will especially delight large families with children. The VIP a la carte restaurant, located by the sea, offers international cuisine. Tourists are not limited in their choice: they can order any meal for themselves.


In addition, each villa has a free pavilion house on the beach with full service and a personal waiter, which even some popular Turkish luxury resorts cannot boast of. Tourists are given the opportunity to order not only drinks, but also any dishes from the snack restaurant and have a full lunch right on the seashore. The pavilion itself has a minibar with cold drinks. In addition, staff will welcome tourists with a bottle of champagne and a fruit platter. Also, upon arrival at the villa, guests are provided with 8 bottles of imported alcohol.

Each villa has its own private pool, not connected to the others. They will be heated this winter season. And even in winter, the hotel will retain the ultra all inclusive concept for all guests.

Do not miss the chance

Overall, this year is promising. After Russia lifted restrictions on flights to Turkey, the hotel instantly filled up. A big plus was that we did not close for this time, did not lay off employees, did not change the concept – we worked at full strength. We have all restaurants, swimming pools, water parks open, an active animation evening and daytime program for children and adults. Despite the difficulties, the hotel did not cut the concept and left the entire choice of services and facilities. And he even multiplied them! Therefore, do not miss the perfect opportunity to enter a villa with an extended concept and enjoy a luxury vacation.

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