Travel News Digest Friday, October 2

With most of the outbound travel destinations still closed, tour operators have put on a real competition to see who will send more tourists to Tanzania. Three flight programs have already been announced to the beach island of Zanzibar, which are to start from Moscow at the end of October. Travel agents took the initiative with enthusiasm – after all, the expansion of the meager winter range. But according to the terms of booking tours, there are wishes to suppliers – to soften the payment procedure. Indeed, against the background of informational messages about the second wave of coronavirus, travelers are increasingly afraid to pay in advance a significant part of the cost – what if the borders are closed again? Our article will tell you what option of settlements for tour packages could, in the opinion of the tourist retail, reduce customer risks and stimulate sales.


Meanwhile, in Thailand, one of the countries most demanded by travelers, the local tourist business has joined the struggle to let in the kingdom not only longsteering winterers on long-term visas, but also ordinary tourists. Entrepreneurs are urging their government to end the mandatory two-week quarantine for foreign visitors by December. Experts do not expect quick decisions, but hope that if the initiative is taken, this may be the first step towards a full resumption of tourist activity in the direction.


Topical news for those who are planning a vacation in Russia. Rostourism named the dates of the second stage of the cashback program. Find out from our publication in what period it will be possible to buy tours around the country or book hotel accommodation, receiving a refund of up to 20% of the cost on the card “Peace”… And also whether government subsidies apply to trips during the New Year holidays and what is the maximum amount of compensation from the budget.

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To other topics. Cunning businessmen began to offer on the Internet a dubious service to tourists who, upon returning from abroad, do not want to undergo a mandatory coronavirus test. For a fee, a fake certificate of the submitted analysis will be posted on the website Public services… What sanctions threaten those who use such a service, we explain in the material. And it will be useful for Moscow travel agents to know whether they will be affected by the order of the city authorities – to transfer at least 30% of employees to remote work due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19.


It is also interesting to read: Pobeda Airlines offers a ticket refund service for only 1 ruble – what is the reason for this generosity? Russian tourists are no longer at war with Germans for sunbeds in Turkey. Paid parental leave – a good idea or a killer for the travel industry?

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