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While readers were discussing the order of the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova Analytics arrived in time to “work out” the resumption of air communication with a number of countries. The experts explain that this is a technical working document that does not give grounds to claim that flights will appear anytime soon. In addition, observers noticed that it was not officially published, and the screenshot that got into the press looks strange – one of the points is missing, there is no signature.


Bulgaria is mentioned in the replicated list. Its authorities promised to issue visas to Russians very quickly, and once again reminded that they are ready to allow tourists with one of three documents. But there is no specifics on the timing of the resumption of flights – everything depends on the decision of the headquarters under the leadership of Tatyana Golikova.


The same applies to Tunisia, where in late April cargo and passenger flights are still being prepared for departure. This option is not suitable for everyone, so two major tour operators canceled tours to Tunisia, Spain and other “closed” countries. This is also a technical procedure that travel companies have to go through every time it becomes clear that the resumption of transportation is again postponed and it will not work to send tourists there. This means that the tours will have to be rescheduled again.


There are not many options available. After the closure of Turkey, tourists are 30% more likely to buy tours in Russia with cashback, and the demand for tickets to Egypt has skyrocketed. It makes sense for those who have money to pay attention to the Maldives, where a luxury tour operator Loti unexpectedly began to sell tours cheaper than democratic ANEX Tour… Travel agents are at a loss: both firms are part of the same holding controlled by the Kochkar brothers.

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If tourists are at least in contact with tour operators, then foreign airlines are sometimes inaccessible. This happened in the case of Chezh Airlines… The Czech carrier has not returned money to Russian passengers since last year and has been sending it to a Prague court.


Airline Air arabia resumes flights between Moscow and Sharjah (UAE).
The Ivanovo region will only allow vaccinated Russians or those who have passed PCR tests.
Children’s center “Orlyonok” will work with 100% workload.
The tourist flow to the Arkhyz resort increased by 67%.

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