Travel News Digest Tuesday 29 June

The act of the head of the Krasnoyarsk travel agency has attracted great attention for 2 days in a row in the professional community. On her Instagram, the girl advised clients to use Miramistin so that the PCR test showed the desired result. Now the reckoning has come: the tour operator ANEX Tour terminated the franchise agreement, and according to the results of the inspection, the police face administrative and criminal liability.


On Tuesday, the editors continued to analyze the consequences of the recent decision of the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyeva limit the reception of unvaccinated tourists. We contacted tour operators and found out what are the conditions for canceling prepaid tours for those who do not want to get vaccinated. And also learned the opinion of a lawyer Georgy Mokhov on the vice president’s approval PCT Alexandra Osaulenko: he considered that the interests of organized tourists in the current situation are more protected than independent ones. This is true, but only partially.


As shown by the survey of the portal Superjob, for the sake of a trip to the Krasnodar Territory, only a few are ready to be vaccinated, however, the requirement to be vaccinated can become an incentive when traveling abroad.


For those who do go to Sochi, there is good news: the weather has finally improved and you can swim. And at the Adler airport, an express laboratory has opened, where you can take a PCR test and get the result in just 2 hours.


To international news. In Abu Dhabi, as in Sochi, they decided to close themselves from unvaccinated tourists. The emirate is re-imposing tough restrictions.


And at the resorts of Egypt they see another problem. Tourists are warned of the dangers of heatstroke due to the heat, but they travel the country anyway. Among the excursionists there is a film crew from Russian television.


The Vietnamese resort of Phu Quoc is also preparing to open for guests from Russia.


In conclusion – aviation news. Aeroflot decided to increase the additional fee for the use of global distribution systems. We found out what consequences this threatens for agents and passengers. In addition, the national carrier began selling code-share tickets with the airline. “Victory”, which will start flights to Turkey from Sheremetyevo.


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