The program of subsidizing domestic charter flights from 2022 will become more “focused” aimed at supporting domestic tourism in the “low” season, said the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova, speaking at the SPIEF panel session “Tourism and the hospitality industry”: new investment and technological opportunities for industry “June 5. According to her, for these purposes it is planned to allocate five billion rubles annually until 2024.

General Director of TUI Russia Taras Demura, in turn, noted that in the last year, the main problem that held back the flow of tourists was solved – this is transport accessibility. “We all know that flights, especially long ones – to Baikal, the Far East – were quite expensive compared to flights to the Atlantic, Brazil and so on. Now, thanks to the charter subsidy program, we can cut the cost of tickets in half. This is very important, especially in those regions where the frequency of regular flights is not so high, ”he said.

However, the expert said that now is the time to solve another problem – it is competent packaging of tourism products in the field. “We were faced with the fact that, if we put a charter program in the region, several host companies work on the spot, which have very different ideas about the service, about how excursions should be conducted: one company spends them an hour, the other five hours, they say different, different levels of transport. Therefore, we now see our main task as creating so-called “slays” (Service-level agreement) for receiving companies, unifying their work. It is important to teach local host companies to work in a consortium, because when a 350-seat charter arrives, uniform standards for buses, excursions, customer experience are needed, and no small host company in the region can handle it, ”the expert summed up.

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He also named Demur one more problem to be solved in order to work with the regions. “Today, unfortunately, we are not talking about customer experience, about the customer in our product, we are talking about the fact that we have mountains, fields, forests, historical heritage, beautiful lighthouses, slopes and geysers, but at the same time we we don’t sell customer experience in these places, ”he complained. According to him, you need to create a “client path”. As an example, the expert cited Asian countries where the culture of street food is widely developed, where freshly caught fish and crabs are fried right on the spot, but we do not have this even in the Far East. “We know that big steps are being taken to allow fishing, crab catching, in Murmansk, for example, so that at last small entrepreneurs can fish, open small catering establishments and please our customers,” Demura said. He is convinced that it is precisely the combination of solutions to such problems that will create positive emotions among tourists, which, as a result, will lead to an increase in tourist flows.

Only important. For the pros only.

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