Digest of tourist events Saturday, February 13

A source close to government agencies shared with the TourDom.ru portal behind-the-scenes information on how negotiations are going on to resume flights between Russia and Tunisia. According to him, a positive decision can be made in the next month and a half. Organizing flights to Tunisian resorts, on the basis of which tour operators could sell tours, in his opinion, is quite realistic within two weeks. Details are in the article.


Meanwhile, another popular country among Russian travelers, Cyprus, has previously announced its readiness to issue tourist visas to our citizens as early as March 1. We conducted a survey on the Roof of TourDoma telegram channel and shared with you the results – do the tourists intend to go on vacation to Cypriot resorts in early spring, if such an opportunity presents itself. In addition, from our material you will learn how experts assess the likelihood of opening Cyprus in the near future.


A topic that is relevant both for hoteliers and for tourists traveling around our country. Russian hotels may be allowed to use non-refundable accommodation rates. The corresponding bill is planned to be developed by April. What are the benefits for market participants and their customers? How do experts comment on the idea? We disassemble in the publication.


It is also interesting to read: the staff of the Sochi resorts are actively vaccinating against the coronavirus.


It is better for air passengers departing from the Moscow air hub to go to the airports in advance – the snowfall paralyzed traffic in the capital.

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