In Turkey, in addition to Cappadocia and Pamukkale, another tourist region has appeared, where now you can officially fly in hot air balloons. On October 7, the portal reports with reference to the statement of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of the country.

According to the portal, this is the Göbeklitepe temple in the Mesopotamia region. Previously, up to 95% of tourists in this region were locals, and this year, for the first time, tours for Russians start. A number of tour operators have already expressed interest in this product.

The flights will be operated by Ezel Aviation, which also organizes flights in the provinces of Nevsehir and Cappadocia. Balloon flights are one of the main points of attraction and source of income for the tourist business in these regions. The entertainment is so popular that in the summer without prior booking online for 1-3 months you will hardly be able to try it. More than 600,000 people took to the air in balloons last year, according to local host companies.

This year, the companies, which lost the lion’s share of tourist traffic due to the pandemic, and resumed flights only at the end of August, were forced to reduce prices. Now one flight instead 200-250 euro will cost on average 100-160 in depending on the duration and additional services, from which breakfast was excluded for security reasons. In addition, each passenger now has more space, passengers and the pilot must wear a mask, and the basket is disinfected after the flight.

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