The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has raised fees for visiting museums and ancient sites by 20-35% in 2021. The new fares will come into effect on May 1, 2021, and the cheapest ticket to enter the museum will cost 18 Turkish liras and the most expensive 120 Turkish liras, according to Turizm Guncel.

For example, the fee for visiting the ancient city of Goreme in Cappadocia has grown from 75 to 100 Turkish lira, and the entrance fee to the territory of the ancient city of Ephesus has grown from 100 to 120 Turkish lira.

The entrance to Pamukkale, which includes a visit to ancient Hierapolis, now costs 110 lira, the Antique Theater in Side costs 55 lira, and the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul is 60 lira

As representatives of Turkish host companies noted, the cost of excursions increases annually by an average of about 10%. However, such a radical increase in the cost of entrance tickets to popular attractions, most likely, will not make a serious contribution to the increase in prices for tourists.

The fact is that prices for tourists are usually nominated in euros or dollars, and an increase in the cost of entrance tickets in lira against the background of a sharp drop in the exchange rate of the Turkish currency will not put pressure on the price tag in dollars.

However, the rise in the cost of entrance tickets will be noticeable for those who visit sights and museums on their own, and not as part of organized groups.

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