Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that by the end of 2020, 15 million guests should visit the country, and tourism revenues will amount to $ 11 billion, which is slightly higher than that of competing countries, according to Turizm Güncel. “But I can say the following: 2021 will be better than 2020,” the minister said optimistically.

While the number of German and British tourists on the beaches of Antalya is decreasing, the Turks are counting on the Russians, for whom the country opened only in August, and in September the tourist flow from Russia increased significantly, amounting to 517 thousand 40 tourists. Some hotels in Antalya, which were in demand during the season, began to postpone their closure, writes Turizm Ajansi.

Even with the implementation of such optimistic plans announced by the industry minister, the loss of foreign tourist flow for Turkey will exceed 70% compared to 2019. This year, 52 million foreign citizens came to the country on vacation, which became a record for the local tourism industry. The country earned $ 34.5 billion from inbound tourism.

At the same time, it was previously reported that some accommodation facilities in the resorts decided to close ahead of schedule due to insufficient loading. The sea in Turkey is cooling down, and, as experts told Profi.Travel earlier, it is not worth counting on an extension of the season and any serious demand in November, warm pools will not noticeably improve the situation. However, tour operators continue to set up charters for resorts in winter Istanbul. In general, it is very difficult to predict the demand due to the small depth of booking.

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Despite the bravura statements of the authorities, the tourism sector in Turkey suffered serious losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, including in terms of personnel: employment fell by 14.3% – from 1.26 million employees to 1.08 million.80% of the cuts were hotels, 21% – travel companies, airlines experienced the least blow – 0.7%.

Ersoy said they are currently working on a new package of loan guarantees for the tourism sector and will announce it in the coming days.

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