Travel News Digest Friday 28 May

Contrary to expectations, on Friday there was no clarity about the prospects for the resumption of flights to Turkey in full. The editors have found out three scenarios for the development of events from experts and introduces you to other news.


The government has published the procedure for paying 50% compensation to tour operators for organizing flights in Russia. Charters are expected in the very near future, but the paradox is that there is no approved list of destinations, although the deadline expired back in April. Concerning “Support of Russia” proposes to the deputy prime minister Dmitry Chernyshenko
hold a meeting with business representatives and Rostourism… Rostourism, meanwhile, is busy preparing for a press conference, where they are already announcing a charter to Sakhalin, as well as summing up the first results of the start of the children’s cashback program.


On Friday, as predicted earlier, spoke Rosaviatsia… The regulator explained the reasons for the delay in issuing permits for foreign airlines to use new routes to fly around the airspace of Belarus. It’s not about politics, it’s about security.


And the Belarusian Belavia meanwhile, it is forced to cancel flights to Montenegro and other countries.


Fortunately, there are no such problems in Russia. Group Aeroflot received permits for organizing flights to a number of countries from the regions of the Russian Federation. There is Armenia on the list, through which you can get to Georgia – after all, despite the opening of land borders, this option does not shine for the Russians.


Low-cost airline “Victory” promises to take for 17,640 rubles. to cities in Italy, but not everyone can take advantage of the offer.


France is preparing to receive tourists.
Aeroflot will fly from Yekaterinburg to the Black Sea resorts.
Smartavia will become a smart low-cost airline.
How much does it cost to fly to Crimea in July.
Students at VDNKh were mistaken for illegal sightseers.

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