Spring-Summer 2021 Cooperation Preference Ratings

The BANKO service presents the results of an annual marketing study of the preferences for cooperation of Moscow travel agencies: our interviewers interviewed representatives of 507 companies by phone and found out which tour operators they plan to work with in the coming summer season in key areas of tourism. In this article, we publish tables with the results of the survey for Turkey, Russia and Cyprus.

Turkey: Monument to Hopes

The telephone survey was conducted from April 1 to April 12: even before the headquarters suspended flights with Turkey. So, the predictive rating of cooperation preferences can be considered a monument to the successful start of the season. However, if the transportation resumes, as we are promised, on June 2, then the tour operators will still have time to catch up and restore the tourist flow.


Rating of cooperation preferences in Turkey
(forecast for the summer season-2021)

Tour operator

2021,% 2019,% +/-

ANEX Tour 19.4 22.9 3.5
Coral Travel 18.2 20.5 2,3
TUI Russia 17.3 12.6 4.7
Pegas Touristik 14.2 15.9 1.7
Sunmar 9.2 6.8 2.4
TEZ Tour 7.2 2.0
Biblio Globus 7.4 8.8 1.4
NTK Intourist 4.7 4.4 0.0

11 companies were nominated for the rating of tour operators in Turkey. Eight of them received more than 10 votes and were among the leaders of the rating in Turkey.
The rating was prepared on the basis of a survey of specialists from 507 travel agencies in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In 2020, the survey was not conducted due to the pandemic, so for comparison, we provide data from a similar survey in the spring of 2019.

As you can see from the table, ANEX Tour tops the table, immediately followed by Coral Travel with a small interval of 2.4% of votes. But the third member of the big Turkish troika, Pegasus, this time, according to the poll results, was on the fourth line, missing the third place in the TUI Russia rating. It is quite possible that this is due to the minimum prepayment for early booking and the loyal commission conditions in force at TUI Russia. It is also interesting that this time Sunmar and TEZ TOUR scored the same number of votes from Moscow travel agencies, so the editors placed them on the same line.


Russia: with and without love

Interesting metamorphoses have taken place in the forecast ranking of cooperation preferences in Russia. The first line with a noticeable increase in votes (28.8% against 23% two years earlier. – Ed.) was received by the National Tour Operator ALEAN. Two years ago, the agencies called Biblio-Globus the undisputed leader: now he is in second place with 17.8% of preferences. The reason is unlikely to be related to the product. It is obvious that tours in Russia are now super demanded by both companies. In addition, they have trump cards in the form of their own hotels or exclusive accommodation contracts, and Biblio-Globus also has direct flights. “Russia” to resorts from the regions. Most likely, castling is associated with a change in the size of commissions. From February 1 Biblio-Globus pays for the sale of tours in Russia and Abkhazia not 9-10%, but 6-7%, depending on the volume of sales (for comparison: for ALEAN – from 10 to 14%. – Ed.). In addition, purely emotional reasons could have affected – ALEAN managed to create for himself an image of a company open to communication and loyal to agencies. Biblio-Globus, on the other hand, is emphatically technological and emotionless. And although the cut in commissions and the new contract of the tour operator caused a wave of “dislike” in social networks, Biblio-Globus assures that their the partner base has not diminished.

Rating of preferences for cooperation in Russia
(forecast for the summer season-2021)

Tour operator

2021,% 2019,% +/-

Alean 28.8 23.0 5.8
Biblio Globus 17.8 28.6 10.8
TUI Russia 15.2
Dolphin 13.3 13.7 0 *
Pegas Touristik 8.0
MultiTour 4.9-5.2 *
NTK Intourist 6.2 1.3
Russian Express 3.4
Coral Travel 1,2 9.3 8.1

19 companies were nominated to the rating of tour operators in Russia. Nine of them received more than 10 votes and were among the leaders of the rating in Russia.
The rating was prepared on the basis of a survey of specialists from 507 travel agencies in Moscow and the Moscow region.
* For more details, see the methodology.

In addition, in the forecast rating for Russia, it is worth noting the upward movement of TUI Russia. The company moved up to the third line with 15.2% of agent preferences, although a year ago it did not even appear in the rating. There are several reasons. The tour operator now has charter programs, moreover, to the regions of Russia that were not previously represented on the market of group package tours with direct transportation. TUI Russia also transferred the corporate concept of family recreation to the post-Soviet space by signing a contract with the Zhoekvara hotel in Abkhazia. The company has accompanied all this with generous commissions, at the stage of early booking, bringing their size to 14-15%.

Against this background, the fourth place in the rating in Russia is held by the tour operator “Dolphin”, one of its oldest participants: the company traditionally takes its toll at the expense of assortment and expertise. In addition, the agencies again noted Multitour – perhaps, the support from the affiliated network Atelika, which manages a number of facilities in the Black Sea resorts, affected.

It will be interesting to see if the situation will change at the end of the season. Indeed, judging by the voting, a large advance of preferences in the form of 8% of the votes of the agency was given to Pegasus for the first time – the company was on the fifth line of the rating. Judging by the performance of Pegasus representatives at the Open Crimea forum, the tour operator has big plans. The summer flight program is designed to send 500 thousand tourists from 30 cities of Russia, including Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. But success also requires the support of hotels. On the example of the conflict with the Akvaloo hotel in Sochi, we see how difficult it is to get it in a situation when places are snapped up.

The rating for Russia has traditionally included Intourist, for which Russia in the summer has become one of the main directions. And also “Russian Express” – this company for the first time offered tours to the resorts of the South of Russia with block transportation and direct contracts for hotels.


Cyprus: hoping for more

And in conclusion – about the results of the predictive voting in Cyprus. We will not dwell on them in detail, since everything is quite obvious. The first place is still for Biblio-Globus. Further, travel agencies have placed a dense group of key tour operators who also have ambitions in this direction. The table will acquire its final form by the end of summer, when it becomes clear in what format the air transportation will continue in this direction: in a limited cargo and passenger, as it is now, or in a full-fledged regular and charter. In addition, the decision of the headquarters in Turkey after June 1 will have a great influence on the results of the season.

Rating of preferences for cooperation in Cyprus
(forecast for the summer season-2021)

Tour operator

2021,% 2019,% +/-

Biblio Globus 24.7 45.7 21.0
TUI Russia 19.9 19.9 0.0
ANEX Tour 15.3 9.9 5.4
Coral Travel 14.2 7.0 7.2
TEZ TOUR 13.6 4.6 9.0
Pegas Touristik 12.3 4.6 7,7

8 companies were nominated in the rating of tour operators in Cyprus. Six of them received more than 10 votes and were among the leaders of the rating in Cyprus.
The rating was prepared on the basis of a survey of specialists from 507 travel agencies in Moscow and the Moscow region.


How the non-commercial ratings of “BANKO” are calculated

* See methodology >>

In the period from April 1 to April 12, the BANKO media holding conducted a survey of travel agents to compile ratings of cooperation preferences – a forecast for the summer-2021 season. Professional interviewers interviewed specialists from 507 travel companies in Moscow and the Moscow Region, based on the database of the BANKO Service.

Travel agents were asked to answer the traditional questions: “In what areas of tourism do you plan to work actively in the summer 2021 season?” and “What tour operators, in your opinion, are the most promising for cooperation for the upcoming summer-2021 season and deserve to take a leading position in this area?” Based on the statements of respondents from Moscow and the Moscow region, the editors made a rating of the popularity of directions and ratings of preferences for cooperation.

When calculating the results, the total number of mentions of all tour operators in the considered direction of tourism is taken as 100%. Leadership lists included companies that received 10 or more votes.

If the difference between the indicators of the participants was no more than 0.5% of the votes, then during the preparation of the ratings for publication, it was taken as a statistical error, and the result was interpreted as the same, equal.

Green and red arrows in the tables indicate how much the result has increased or decreased compared to last year.

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