Turkey lifted the ban on flights from the UK. On April 26, the breakingtravelnews.com portal reports with reference to the local government.

In addition, a PCR test is now sufficient for the entry of all foreign tourists, and vaccination certificates are not required. Such measures will be in effect until early June, but experts do not rule out their extension.

The number of infected per day in Turkey itself continues to decline, but still remains significant – as of April 26, more than 38.5 thousand cases were detected. This figure was almost doubled last week.

To reassure foreigners about the safety of their holiday, the government has launched a priority vaccination program for tourism workers. According to official statistics, Turkish residents have already received more than 20 million doses of vaccines. In addition, tourists are offered additional insurance for 15 euros, which covers treatment in private clinics, as well as extension of hotel accommodation, if necessary.

However, it is unlikely that at the moment the measures taken and the results obtained are enough for a flow of tourists from the UK to Turkish resorts. It said last week that before issuing permits to their citizens to travel to Turkey, the authorities will carefully study the incidence statistics.

Now Turkey hopes for a speedy resumption of communication with another extremely important market for it – the Russian one. High-ranking officials fly weekly from the republic to our country to resolve the issue.

Note that today there was information about an agreement between the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Turkish pharmaceutical company Viscoran İlaç to begin production of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in Turkey. However, according to scientists, it is too early to talk about the approval of the Russian vaccine – now “Sputnik V” is undergoing toxicological tests in Turkey, and so far only intermediate positive results have been obtained.

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Experts are inclined to believe that communication between Russia and Turkey may not resume after June 1. They see the reason in the political tension in relations between the two countries.

Only important. For the pros only.

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