Digest of travel news from June 22

The fourth Tuesday of June has become a significant one for many Russian tourists. Thanks to the recent decision of the headquarters, on June 22, restrictions on flights to Turkey, which were introduced back in April, were officially lifted. Flight programs to the country have already been announced by 10 Russian airlines; on June 22, 78 flights with tourists from Russian cities arrived in Turkey! Tourists received a long-awaited vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and tour operators were finally able to start fulfilling their obligations to customers. And everything would be fine, but without the notorious “but” it was not done. Rosaviatsia compiled a list of airports from which it is allowed to fly to Turkey. Unfortunately, it did not include 13 cities. How can this discrimination be explained? There is no answer to this question. But there is an excellent memo on the rules of entry from our editorial office. We recommend that you familiarize yourself if you decide to change Anapa to Antalya.


It is interesting that against the background of the launch of flights to the republic, many media outlets began to write about the increase in the cost of tours to Turkish resorts. We figured out how such conclusions are justified and whether there are budget options for those who want to save on vacation.


However, if you prefer Greek instead of the Turkish coast, then there is good news for you as well. Members of the professional community “Travel Presidium” drew attention to the fact that tickets to Greece fell significantly. Low-cost seats on flights to Athens and Thessaloniki can be purchased for 30-40 thousand rubles. Just a week ago, the price tag was several times higher. And all this against the background of news about the discovery of Turkey. Coincidence? By the way, about the flights to which countries are now available to Russians, you can find out from our digest, compiled on the basis of the official list of the Federal Air Transport Agency.


If you think that the Turkish Republic can be closed on this topic, then you are mistaken. At least it cannot go unnoticed for Russian resorts. So, the mayor of Sochi Alexey Kopaygorodsky stated that he did not notice the decline in interest among tourists to rest in the Krasnodar Territory after the launch of aircraft in Antalya. According to him, the depth of bookings for local hotels is 4 months and so far there is no need to talk about any competition. By the way, about the depth. In Yalta, they also did not notice the outflow of tourists from the resort after the flooding. However, in order not to aggravate the already serious situation, the Crimean authorities ordered to vaccinate all employees of the peninsula’s tourist business against coronavirus. This, of course, will not save you from rains and floods, but somehow it is calmer in your soul.


But while Crimea is fighting COVID-19 with total vaccination, Moscow has decided to go even further. Sergei Sobyanin again increased restrictions in the capital. From June 28, it will be possible to enter a restaurant or cafe in Zlatoglava only upon presentation of the following documents: a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 or a negative PCR test valid for no more than 3 days. At the same time, the availability of protection against coronavirus among Muscovites and tourists will be confirmed not in paper format, but with a special QR code. According to representatives of the local tourist industry, with the new ban, guests in hotels will not even be able to get to breakfast without meeting the new requirements. How this will affect the tourist attractiveness of Moscow is easy to guess.


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