Travel News Digest Friday, March 5

Positive news from the most massive outbound tourist destination: Ministry of Internal Affairs Turkey has released information that foreign tourists will not have to present a negative PCR test when entering the country since April 15. Previously, a later date was called, May 26. For travelers, this will mean not only less hassle, but also financial savings, because taking the analysis for covid costs money, and if a family goes on vacation, a tangible amount is obtained.


As for the cost of rest in Turkish resorts in the upcoming summer season, the president shared his optimistic forecast. RST Andrey Ignatiev… In his opinion, tourists are not threatened with a significant rise in the cost of tours. What are the arguments of the expert, you will learn from the article.


In another popular tourist country, Greece, coronavirus restrictions are being tightened. However, the tourist business is full of hopes for the best: experts predict that the lockdown will ease soon, and the active tourist season, including for guests from Russia, will begin in mid-May.


News from the air transportation market: airlines have announced their next flight plans on foreign routes. Flights Nordwind from Moscow to Croatia will still have the status of cargo and passenger, only certain categories of citizens will be able to use them, because air traffic between our countries has not yet been officially resumed.


And here are the places on the liners Aeroflot from the Russian capital to the Seychelles are also available to tourists: to go on vacation to the archipelago, you only need a negative PCR test.

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Certain countries or specific regions of them provide a green corridor for vaccinated travelers. According to the vaccination certificate, air passengers are already accepted at the airport of the Portuguese island of Madeira.


Since May, Cyprus intends to introduce the same practice. However, the Russians will most likely be able to take advantage of this opportunity to enter only if our vaccines are recognized, and negotiations are underway with the Cypriot authorities.

It is also interesting to read: industry associations of hoteliers are seeking to revise the rules for the provision of hotel services so as not to incur losses due to rowdy guests.
Does Aeroflot carry out paid check-in at airports for its flights?
Economist Mikhail Khazin predicts a 3-4-fold increase in the cost of travel services – what are the arguments?
The chairman of the supervisory board has been replaced in “Turpomosch”: instead of the head Rostourism Zarina Doguzova this post will be taken by the vice-president of the PCT Yuri Barzykin… How will this affect the work of the association?

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