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The high season in Turkish resorts is nearing its end. Experts summarize its preliminary results and share forecasts for the next summer – alarming enough. According to the former Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Gyuman Kyzyltan, the country’s tourism industry lost $ 25 billion due to the coronavirus pandemic. If border closures by different countries continue due to the next waves of COVID-19, tourism will also face difficult challenges in the summer of 2021. The expert believes that hoteliers and travel companies cannot do without serious support from the authorities, and lists specific measures that, in his opinion, the Turkish state should take.


And the Russian tourist business has its own worries. Moscow entrepreneurs are racking their brains over how to comply with the order of the city authorities – to report on the transfer of some employees to remote work. The site to which it is necessary to transfer data periodically “lays down”, not withstanding the increased load. Meanwhile, it is necessary to send information already from October 12, it is possible that those who, for technical reasons, cannot do this, will begin to receive requests for payment of fines. The sanctions are serious – from 100 to 300 thousand rubles. We discussed the problem during a live broadcast in the professional Facebook community “Travel Presidium” with the founder of UA “Persona Grata” Georgy Mokhov. The lawyer gave answers to the most frequent questions from representatives of travel companies and promised assistance in appealing against fines.

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To other topics. Travelers returning from overseas trips have more and more complaints about how the coronavirus tests are organized at metropolitan airports. In our article, the organizer of diving tours shares his own experience of going through the procedure in Vnukovo Veronica Birman… Find out what “difficult” things she had to go through upon arrival at the capital’s air harbor and how the representatives of the airport comment on the situation.


It is also interesting to read: why are travel agents actively advertising tours to Thailand for November, while this tourist destination is still closed?
British Airways passengers risk losing their membership in the loyalty program for “non-constructive criticism” of the carrier.
Are there vacancies in the tourism market during the pandemic?

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