A tight lockdown with a continuous curfew, which will operate in Turkey from April 29 to May 17, will not have a significant impact on the rest of foreign tourists who are in the country on a short visit. This follows from a circular published by the Turkish Interior Ministry, which describes in detail all the conditions for observing the lockdown.

“The curfew exemption applies only to foreigners staying in Turkey temporarily for a short period as part of tourism programs; foreigners staying in Turkey outside the scope of tourist programs, including persons with a residence permit, persons under temporary protection or persons who have applied and are under international protection, are subject to curfew restrictions, ”the document says.

Earlier, Turkish media reported, citing sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that the curfew may imply restrictions on new hotel bookings, thus, hotels will only be able to serve previously created applications. However, the new circular from the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not mention anything like that.

In fact, the new new restrictions will apply to tourists to the same extent that they were subject to the New Year’s lockdown, which was in effect in Turkey from the end of December 2020 to the beginning of January 2021 for a week. Then tourists who arrived in the country on a voucher from a tour operator and lived in hotels could freely move along the streets, subject to the mask regime and a safe distance.

Thus, the new lockdown will not create serious restrictions on tourists’ rest in hotels. However, they will still have to face closed restaurants and restrictions on long-distance travel, including sightseeing, since the lockdown involves the closure of major attractions.

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