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Russians are no stranger to calls from high government officials to temporarily refrain from traveling, but this usually applies to travel abroad. And here is the WHO representative in our country Melita Vujnovic and even advised to stay at home in the spring, without making a discount for domestic tourism. True, the recommendation applies only to those who have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus. Perhaps in this way the World Health Organization expects to intensify the vaccination campaign.


In the meantime, the market is receiving encouraging reports from popular travel destinations of plans to open up to foreign travelers or ease restrictions. The Indonesian authorities are going to let guests from abroad to the island of Bali in June, while – within the framework of tourist corridors.


In Thailand, they declare a reduction from April 1 of the mandatory quarantine for those entering the kingdom from two weeks to 10 days, and for those vaccinated – to 7 days.


Greece will increase the quota for admitting Russians from 500 people a week to 4 thousand. And the Spanish region of Catalonia hopes to open to our travelers from August.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the optimistic plans of the EU states will be corrected by the third wave of COVID-19 that has come to Europe.


We continue to acquaint you with the expert opinions that authoritative experts expressed during the foresight session organized by the BANKO media holding at the international tourism exhibition MITT… Meet the futuristic forecast of the director of the Center for Strategic Analysis and Development of the Tourism and Hospitality Union Roman Eremyan, which believes that in the future 3-5 years, large tour operators will create alliances with developers of online games and begin to offer tourists interactive travel using artificial intelligence and game mechanics.

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And also find out what advice to travel agents on how to stay relevant in the market is given by TUI Russia CEO Taras Demura.

It is also interesting to read: the information system “Electronic ticket” may be approved in the near future.
What do you need to direct taxes from if they start to be collected in Russia – the opinion of the tour operator.
When Air India will start flights between Moscow and Goa.

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