Samarskaya Luka – a unique area formed by the bend of the Volga and the Usinsky Bay of the Kuibyshev reservoir. On its territory there are Repin’s house-museum, adits of the late 19th century, unique natural complexes and the Zhigulevsky Reserve – one of the most popular recreation areas in the entire Volga region.

You can learn more about the Samara Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

2020 became a special period for the development of the Zhigulevsky Reserve: from January to December, the tourist flow increased by 41.2% compared to the same period in 2019, making the reserve one of the most visited tourist places in the Volga region. Guests are attracted by the amazing relief form, a peculiar microclimate, a variety of flora and fauna and unique natural objects.

A must-see place in the Zhigulevsky Reserve – Strelnaya mountain… This is one of the highest points in the Zhiguli mountains – its height is 351 meters above sea level. In ancient times, it served as an observation post for “free people” – so they called fugitive peasants. The Volga was visible from here forty versts, and the peasants signaled to each other with the help of bonfires if a rich merchant caravan was approaching.

Fans of outdoor activities can also go to Shiryaevo village – it is located two and a half hours from the capital of Russian cosmonautics – Samara. The route should include sightseeing of several sights.

In the house-museum of Repin you can see the room in which the artist lived and his studio, find out what he saw from the window and how he painted one of his most famous paintings – “Barge Haulers on the Volga”.
How to get there: from the river station of Samara on the motor ship “Moscow”, the address of the museum: the village of Shiryaevo, st. Soviet, 14. Travel time – 2.5 hours.

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From the top Popova Mountain the best pictures of the village, the Volga and the surrounding area are obtained. The mountain is one of the natural objects on the territory of the Samarskaya Luka park.
How to get there: be guided by the information stand of the Samarskaya Luka park. It is located at: Shiryaevo village, st. Zavodskaya, 4. In the park itself it is easy to reach the mountain by following the signs.

Tunnels of the late XIX – early XX century for the extraction of stone. Time seems to have stopped in this place – it seems that a trolley loaded with snow-white stone is about to appear.
How to get there: adits are located in Popova Gora behind the observation deck.

Stone bowl – a mountain formation with five slopes, five ravines and three springs. One of them, “The Spring of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”, is considered curative – according to legend, the water from it brings health and longevity.
How to get there: The stone bowl is located 10 km from the village of Shiryaevo. You can walk, drive or bike – the bike rental point is located near the pier.

Important information for tourists: visiting the trails and routes of Samarskaya Luka on your own, you need to purchase a voucher on the website

To learn more

Federal state budgetary institution
Samarskaya Luka National Park:
445350, Samara region, Zhigulevsk, st. Tkacheva, 109a,
(84862) 2-40-51;
[email protected];

Zhigulevsky State Natural
biosphere reserve im. I. I. Sprygina:
445362, Samara region, p. Bakhilova Polyana, st. Zhigulevskaya, 1;
(84862) 3-78-38;
[email protected];

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