How to choose the right trip to Russia?

You can travel around Russia indefinitely. The same amount can be read hundreds of recommendations on where to go and, most importantly, why. This season, the tour operator ANEX Tour decided to dot the i’s and figure out where it is better to learn and where to heal. We are reading a true guide on how to choose the right travel around Russia.

Let’s get to know

This is the main slogan of any excursion route, and here the tour operator offers several directions at once, which will surely please all lovers of rich and long excursions. Excursion tours along the Golden Ring are a classic of any trip to Russia. ANEX Tour has added bus tours to its product both in winter and for New Year’s arrivals. A total of about 25 routes along the Golden Ring are available in the assortment with daily arrivals from Moscow, the cost of which starts from 17,311 rubles. for two. The duration of the programs offered is from 3 to 10 days, depending on the route. Short programs for 2 nights / 3 days run on weekends.

Tours in St. Petersburg can also be classified as classic options. Here tourists can enjoy sightseeing and historical excursions around the city, museums, theaters and temples, country trips to Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk and much more. New Year’s arrivals and excursions for all family members are also offered. It should be noted that prices for winter arrivals are much lower than in summer and other periods, since the influx of tourists is significantly less. Price for the tour “Acquaintance with St. Petersburg”, 4 nights, breakfast, hotel 3 * – from 22 951 rubles. for two.

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Kaliningrad is another city where you should go for a rich excursion program. Here you can see the fusion of several cultures at once, enjoy walks around the city and visit unique museums, cathedrals, as well as visit the unique natural places of the Curonian Spit – on the swan lake, in the dancing forest, etc. The tour operator offers excursion tours, package tours with a flight to regular flights and tours without flights. Most often, tourists are interested in weekend tours. Price for the tour “Baltic weekend”, 2 nights, breakfast, hotel 3 * – from 30,039 rubles. for two.


Gastronomy is another important point of any trip – local cuisine and all kinds of authentic cafes. This year the tour operator offers tours to the Far East. The assortment includes both regular excursion tours and a gastronomic tour that introduces tourists to the sea city and its special cuisine. Here guests will visit farms for growing sea oysters and scallops with further tasting, as well as the largest oriental restaurant and a master class of a chef on cooking seafood. Price per tour – from 253 882 rubles. for 4 nights, for two, with meals according to the program and accommodation in a 2 * hotel.

Tyumen has become another interesting place where you can relax fascinatingly, informatively and, most importantly, deliciously. A wonderful city where the whole family should go, walk the streets and learn mysterious stories about Grigory Rasputin. ANEX Tour offers its tourists a wide range of 4 * hotels, hostels and economy class mini-hotels. Tours with and without flights are available for booking. The price for the tour starts from 20 835 rubles. per person, including flight.

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Altai is a place not only of strength, but also of gastronomic masterpieces. Here you can taste national dishes of local peoples, maral and young deer meat. And excursion routes will reveal all the beauty of mountain landscapes. Price for the tour “Altai, Autumn Blues” without a flight for 5 nights with an excursion program – from 102 519 rubles. for two.

Getting well

What rest without treatment? Here the tour operator has a wide range of destinations to suit every taste and budget of travelers. Health programs are offered by sanatoriums and hotels in the Moscow region. The cost of a weekly tour to a sanatorium in the Moscow Region starts from 27,526 rubles. for two without treatment and from 53 623 rubles. – with a spa package.

The hotels of Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody also offer an extensive health improvement program in the cities of Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, and Kislovodsk. Weekly wellness / treatment packages included tours start at RUB 44,078. during the week. Health services are traditionally offered by the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, where the tour operator has an extensive spa base of popular facilities. The best time for such tours is October-November and February-April. The price of a weekly tour for two to a sanatorium with a flight in October starts from 40,542 rubles.

Price for a tour on a regular flight with full board meals and treatment for 4 nights – from 75,500 rubles. for two.

You can view the full range of the tour operator on the website.

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