Travel News Digest Wednesday 14 July

The long-awaited news of the results of the meeting of the government headquarters was a disappointment for many. They have not yet resumed flights to Egyptian resorts. Everything will be decided after the next commission of experts returns from Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.


And sources also report that at first, flights to the Red Sea can be resumed only from Sheremetyevo… This is due to the fact that a structure affiliated with the airport monitors security in Hurghada and Sharm. By the way, terminal C will work again in Sheremetyevo one of these days. Coincidence?


But the headquarters officially “opened” two more countries. True, this does not change anything: for example, neither France nor the Czech Republic accepts tourists from the Russian Federation anyway. They also allowed more flights to Lebanon. “Thank you for not going to Damascus,” skeptics joke. In fact, there is some positive news in the results of the headquarters meeting: for example, the quota of regular flights to Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria has been increased. Read more about this later, but for now, to other news.


Slovenia will reopen entry for Russian tourists. We’ve figured out the terms. This topic is being discussed in Israel, but the prospects are not very good: only vaccinated people will be able to get in, with the condition of analysis at the airport. But in Malta, they changed their minds.


And now about domestic Russian news. In Anapa, the invasion of ladybirds was replaced by another misfortune – the sea bloomed. We publish photos and videos shared by tourists. This is a traditional problem, so there are still a lot of guests. For six months the Krasnodar Territory has already received 6 million tourists, this is a record.


Meanwhile, Crimea is concerned about the doubling of the number of cases of coronavirus. There are fears that they will take restrictive measures on accommodation in hotels. There are not so many alternatives.


Only Turkey, but there will soon be a holiday – there may not be enough places in popular hotels for everyone.


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