Due to the tightening of the requirements for settling in hotels in the Krasnodar Territory (obligatory PCR tests from July 1, and from August 1 – strictly vaccination certificates) tourists began to cancel bookings. The Profi.Travel portal found out on what conditions tour operators do it.

“The cancellation rules are determined by the terms of the agreement with the accommodation facility, basically, cancellation more than 7 days before arrival – without the IDF. But there are hotels that expose FPR when canceling a reservation for 14-21 day before arrival, such units. Cancellation of carriage – according to the rules of the carrier selected at the time of booking, ”said General Director of the tour operator “ALEAN” Ilya Umansky… According to him, about 100 cancellations are issued every day, mainly for July – August.

The press service of “Intourist” noted that the number of “refusals” in recent days has increased, but nevertheless they do not call this phenomenon massive. The company confirmed that the fines are imposed by the hotels and in each case this is an individual decision depending on the dates of arrival. “At the moment, the total number of cancellations of tours in the Krasnodar Territory does not exceed 5% of the total number of cancellations since the beginning of the year (Turkey outweighed everything, there were a lot of it from April to June). For many applications, a preliminary calculation of the IDF (actually incurred costs) is underway. Whether they will eventually be canceled is still unknown. Many tourists are not inclined to give up tours, because not ready to pay fines, ”the company said.

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As travel agents told Profi.Travel, at Biblio-Globus, the amount of the cancellation fine on a certain day can be seen in advance in your personal account. “My tourists wanted to refuse a trip to Anapa in the second week of July, the fine was 64 thousand, they decided to do tests,” one of the representatives of retail cited an example.

Of course, doing a PCR test is not the same as being vaccinated, but it is also money and time, and besides, it is not suitable for tourists who travel for several days on vacation – by train or personal transport, the document simply becomes outdated during this time. For the same reason, you have to refuse to change hotels, for example, if the tourists originally planned to spend part of their vacation in the mountains of Sochi, and partly at the sea.

With reservations for August, the situation is worse – those who do not want to lose money need to urgently think about vaccinations, but there are still chances not to be in time – in some regions there are impressive queues, there are not enough drugs, and at least three must pass between the first and second vaccinations weeks. True, there is a chance that the authorities will nevertheless change their minds and cancel the requirement for the mandatory provision of vaccination certificates. Now this issue is being considered, a source informed Profi.Travel.

Read about the legal grounds for withholding the IDF in case of cancellation due to the new rules for accommodation in hotels, the rights and obligations of tour operators and travel agents, in our material.

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