On June 3, the court of the Central District of Sochi will hold a session at which the defense of the general director of the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov plans to appeal the arrest warrant issued on May 31. Profi.Travel was told about this by his lawyer Dmitry Checherin.

Let us remind you that the court ruled on the detention of the head of “Knowledge” for two months – until July 28. Bogdanov is accused of abuse of power and causing significant damage to the state (Article 201.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The reasoning part of the decision indicates that Dmitry Bogdanov may make attempts to hide from the investigation and the court, since, allegedly, he had already undertaken them – obviously, the lawyer says, it meant that at the time of the initiation of the criminal case and the conduct of the investigative actions, Bogdanov was outside the Krasnodar Territory, in Yalta. The defense of the general director of the Znanie sanatorium intends to challenge this statement, Dmitry Checherin noted.

“Dmitry Bogdanov knew nothing about the initiation of a criminal case. On May 28, when searches were carried out in the premises of the Znanie sanatorium, my client was in Yalta. He was in touch, and the investigator summoned him to testify on May 31st. Then we expressed our readiness to cooperate with the investigation and even asked to postpone the meeting with the investigators to an earlier time – to May 30, when Dmitry was returning from Yalta. It was assumed that we would immediately leave the investigation department, but in the end he was detained right at the airport, ”said the lawyer.

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Participants in the tourism business are also calling for a change in the preventive measure. In particular, a petition on behalf of the PCT was published on the Change.Org website. To date, she has collected 1,300 signatures. In addition, the collection of signatures under the appeal to the prosecutor’s office was organized directly in Sochi by the general director of the Russian Seasons network, Vladimir Masyutin. Numerous participants in Russian business have also expressed support for Bogdanov on social networks. All appeals emphasize that Dmitry Bogdanov does not pose any threat to the course of the investigation, and also mentions the fact that he needs constant medical support.

Meanwhile, the details of the criminal case became known, the defendant of which was Dmitry Bogdanov. According to reliable sources, it was initiated at the request of Fyodor Svetik, chairman of the liquidation commission of the All-Union Society “Knowledge” in the period from 1992 to 1993. 1993 to 2016 he was vice-president of the Russian society “Knowledge”, and also a member of its coordinating council. The statement was addressed to the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov.

In it, Fyodor Svetik accuses Bogdanov of the fact that, being the current head of the liquidation commission of the all-Russian society “Knowledge”, he was delaying its activities, and also spent the funds received from the sale of the company’s property, contrary to the interests of the state. There are no specific examples of misappropriation of funds in the document.

In Znaniya itself, where searches took place last Friday, the working environment is now calm, the management said. The sanatorium regularly receives guests, all operational issues are resolved in a standard manner.

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Observers note that the fact that the statement was “dropped” directly from the Prosecutor General’s Office explains the speed with which the case was “unfolded”. We will remind that the initiation of the case, the search and the announcement of Bogdanov on the federal wanted list were carried out on the same day – on Friday May 28

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