In the wellness procedures of Polish health resorts, natural resources are used – different depending on the region where the resort is located. It can be mineral waters, therapeutic mud and healing properties of the climate. Thanks to the unique microclimate, Polish cooling towers attract many people who want to improve their health.

Wellness & SPA in Polish

An important area of ​​Polish health tourism is the numerous Wellness & SPA hotels. They offer programs aimed at restoring wellness and maintaining beauty, and aesthetic medicine services.

The resorts are located in quiet, ecologically clean regions of the country, rich in natural reserves of medicinal raw materials and characterized by a favorable climate.

Mineral water treatment

More than 23 different sources – in Krynica-Zdroj. This spa, located in a region famous for its mineral waters, has a long tradition of healing. It was in this place that the first mud baths in the country appeared. To services of tourists – more than a dozen spa hotels.

IN Szczawnice acidic mineral waters from 12 springs, as well as therapeutic mud are used for treatment. It is not so crowded, and treatment can be combined with walks in the beautiful surrounding parks.

Busko-Zdroj possesses water with unique properties and a humid climate. The medical profile of the resort is diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, neurological diseases, as well as osteoporosis and brucellosis.

Unieuw is one of the most popular balneological resorts in Poland – it received the status of a resort in 2011 – and an excellent place for relaxation and recreation.

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The main wealth Cieplice Slaskie Zdroj – thermal springs used for medicinal purposes since the 13th century. The place will be appreciated by tourists who do not like frost or heat. Winters in the region are mild – the thermometer rarely drops below minus two, and summers are moderately warm.

Resort Polyanica-Zdroj known for its healing properties of mineral water “Ve «ka Peniava”, a special room was built to receive it.

Swieradow Zdroj – one of twenty resorts in Europe, which offer radon therapy, thanks to the occurrence of sources with radon water nearby.

The mild climate, mineral waters and wooded hills are the main advantages of the resort. Rabka-Zdroj, who has been famous for the treatment of children for a hundred years.

Spa treatments and beach holidays

Sopot called the “Summer Capital of Poland”. The resort on the shores of the Baltic Sea specializes in the treatment of diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems, rheumatism, joint and spine problems, osteoporosis and obesity. Being here, tourists will be able to fully enjoy endless sandy beaches and clear sea.

A resort is located on the northern coast of Wolin Island Miedzyzdroje, which owes its attractiveness to its wonderful location – sandy cliff beaches and an excellent climate, the mildest on the Baltic Sea coast. Travelers love this place also for its developed infrastructure and proximity to the national park.

IN Ustke tourists from all over the world are attracted by the clear seawater, sandy beaches and the lively seaside promenade, which is considered the longest promenade in Poland.

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Kolobrzeg – this is, first of all, sea air, saturated with salts and iodine, which effectively contributes to the treatment of the respiratory system. The beach atmosphere of the resort is in harmony with the medieval architecture. In between procedures, you can use the services of local guides and excursion companies and learn a little more about your place of stay.

Salt treatment

Inowroclaw often called the “city on salt”. The heart of the city is the Solyanki Park, on the territory of which all sanatorium treatment facilities are located. And in addition to treatment, here you can admire the parish church of the XIII century, the Romanesque church of the XII century, go to the museum, walk to the center, rich in ancient stone buildings.

IN Ciechocinecke use rich sources of brine water. For over 170 years, gynecological and rheumatic diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, upper respiratory tract and peripheral nervous system have been treated here.

Resorts in the forest

An ideal place to recover strength and health near Warsaw – Konstacin-Ezerna… This is the closest resort to the capital. Surrounded by a pine forest.

Nestled among mountains and forests Dushniki-Zdroj is indicated for those who need the treatment of diseases related to cardiology, gastrology, pulmonology (allergic and chronic respiratory diseases), gynecology, osteoporosis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Due to the specific microclimate Nalenchuva here they are engaged in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. There is not a single factory in the city, the air is clean, almost always sunny.

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Another resort specializing in the treatment of diseases related to cardiology is Kudowa-Zdroj. Other profiles include peripheral vascular disease, endocrine system diseases, obesity, circulatory system diseases and diseases of the digestive system in children. This resort is called one of the most beautiful not only in Poland, but also in Europe.

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